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V simple V easy WORKS! (kinda natural) lol

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no antibiotics, no special......nesses, no lets take roac/ret and slowly go insane by poisoning our developing teenage bodys. one simple act!

allz u need is 100% tea tree oil (1mL/mL)....... organic, not organic eh who cares! :eh:

and a non-comedogenic (wont clog pores), oil free moisturiser which absorbs excess oil (it will say that on it) u need an absorbs oil one, not to absorb the oil on your face but the oil your mixing into it. seems very specific but there are alot of them out there. i use nivea oil free moisturising lotion cos its mixes well but i have never used another one so....maybe they all do

yes it is that simple, u already prolly know where im gona go with this eh eh!? lol

beofre i go to bed every night i wash my face with cleanser and mix with my finger about 10 drops + of tee tree oil and the moisturiser, so that they COMPLETLY blend together in a shot glass and i applly it VERY liberally all over my face w8 like 10 min then,...........sleep! ^_^

i know people are gona say that u cant use tea tree oil like that cos its to harsh but if u start out like i did... only putting about 5 or 6 drops to alot more moisturiser cream your skin builds up a tolerance to it and the cream counteracts the oil by reducing the redness and eventually u can put more oil....cos :rolleyes: its more efective, i guess lol ..... your face will prolly go red the first 2 or 3 goes, but just add more cream. its all just about playing with thos 2 ingredients. after about a month my skin built up such a tolerence that i could put striaght tee tree oil on my case with it it stinging or going red at all. so now when i put the cream on at night and it drys alittle i get a cotton swab and swab any IF ANY pimples with striaght tea tree oil

ive used this method for about a year now and it works perfectly i used to have medium to somtimes severe acne and its all pritty much gone, so ....king kong aint got SHIT on me! :dance:

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