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Hi i'm the new guy

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hi im mike just came across this board searchin for some info on some meds im takin as of late.

im 17 and have had very mild to moderate acne since 14 and never really done anything bout it til now. i used pads n cleansers.. i was prescribed benzaclin once but that didnt work after a few months of use and i think i became allergic to BP because of it, i cant use anything with bp anymore or my face blows up.

in the past 4 months my skin has gotten worse then its always been so i finally went to a derm. he gave me 4 prescriptions, retin-a at night, azelex in morning, tetracycline 2x day, and clindets pads for on-the-go or whatever. Besides this i use cetaphil bar and neutrogena sacylic acid wash morn and night.

so i guess if anyone has any predictions for what im gonna experience based on what u went thru i'd like to hear bout it. do you think this regimen will work out or what and how long til im suppose to see improvement?

ill get some pix posted soon as i find my webcam software CD

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found my cam stuff




oh and dont you think i'd be a good condidate for tane? i do

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I have the same problem as you with benzoyl peroxide. My face will blow up if I use it, its horrible!

I have also tried azelex and retin a, they did absolutley NOTHING for me except irritate and dry out my skin. I haven't tried tetracyclene, but Ive tried minocyclene, and that did nothing also. So after trying all that I finally started accutane. Today is my 10th day, and my skin is so freakin dry, but I can already tell its working!

If you have tried everything, and still nothing is working for you, then I would definitley talk to your dermatologist about accutane. Good luck!

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