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exfoliation while on Tazorac...what do I do?

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How can I safely exfoliate to get rid of all the flakey skin bits? Is there anything the derm can give me?

I always just rub it with a towel then use a light moisturizer

not sure but im sure he has something they can give you for that

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Hi Kitty,

I've found a GREAT way to exfoliate (that many others on these boards will swear by!) is using baking soda. Put some in your hand and mix in a few drops of water to make a paste after washing your face. Exfoliate using gentle circular motion. It works wonderful for me, and I'm on Taz too. (Another step afterward that I've been incorporating into the routine is to then use a cotton ball and swab on 1/2 apple cider vinegar 1/2 water mix.) It helps to restore the PH balance to your skin. Then moisturize.

Another good idea that I've seen is to get baby washclothes because the 'nubbies' on them are very soft and gentle on your skin. But heck, I use cheap baking soda and it is a dream. Try and let me know how you like it!

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i asked my derm about this recently (i'm on retin-a micro, which makes my skin flake uncontrollably.) he said that you shouldnt really need to exfoliate while on a retinoid since they do they the exfoliating for you - if you're flaking that badly, you should drop down from everyday usage to every other day or once every 3 days. so far, that's been working for me.

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