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gentle cleanser that wont break me out

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does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for one I can buy at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart (besides Cetaphil or Spectro Jel), one that wont make me break out.

Any suggestions??

I cant get Purpose in Canada :-(

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I've been using Phisoderm Deep Cleaning Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. It is frangrance free and removes makeup (if needed). It does contain mineral oil but also Tocopheryl Acetate which is a form of vitamin e, as well as other anti-irritants. It's one of Paula Begouns' (cosmeticscop.com) picks for drugstore products. I have really sensitive skin and combo/oily and i haven't found a cleanser that's gentle and removes makeup but this is a cleanser that will remain in my daily routine. Hope this helps!

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Hey meeraboots, remember me, I'm the one who was using the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask from a previous post. So I thought I'd update you after almost two weeks of using this cleanser, although it's still too early to judge the long term effects. Anyway, I am so amazed with my complexion! My skin has never been clearer. Others insist that Neutrogena products are crap, but I beg to differ. This cleanser has worked wonders for me. It cleared up my breakouts within days and did not form any new ones. Plus, it did not dry my skin out at all. If anything, it actually reduced the amount of oil that builds up on my face during the day, and let me tell you, I have pretty darn oily skin. What works for me may not work for others, but if you are interested, give it a shot. There's no harm in trying!

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash is another good choice, it isn't medicated and does a great job at leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Smells nice, too.

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I like Aveeno cleansing lotion and Beauty w/out Cruelty cleansing milk. The Aveeno is available at many drugstores/supermarkets, but some don't have it (your local walmart may or may not have it). The Beauty w/out Cruelty can usually only be found in whole foods stores or aisles (if your local supermarket doesn't have a whole foods section, it won't have it). Both are much, much better than Cetaphil.

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^^lol @ bia!! smile.gif

Meera, try using Clarins Gentle Facial Cleanser. I seriously reccommend that you give it a go cus it worked wonders for me. It will never, ever dry ya skin out an it moisturisers as well as cleanses, so yer, it's good..... 8-[

Have I sold it or what, lol! tongue.gif


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