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There's something in the water?

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I was just reading about people's hits and misses with the regimen and other treatments, and I got to wondering.

do you think it is possible that why some people's acne persists, even when they follow the regimen to the T, due to their sink water containing a lot of crud?

I know that tap water has all sorts of minerals and sediments in it, I couldn't say the exact composition, but certainly it varies from area to area.

wouldn't it stand to reason that minerals found in your tap water, might screw with your acne medication?


maybe not, anyone have any insight?

maybe I should start mixing my vinegar with brita water biggrin.gif

btw, sorry if this has been posted before, I did a search and couldn't find anything.

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Guest june

holy crap thats funny:)^^^ not you dying from drinking the water, but when i travel to certain parts of the country i even brush my teeth with bottled water now......i got very sick once....took a shower and i shallowed some water(teeny bit)....not a pretty sight(nothing to do with my face...uh...more internal, though my face was really dryer than normal...i think it was the change of location)....anyhoo.....

i've read that tap water is not good for your face....minerals etc.....i read it in a few articles.....i guess it depends on where you live, the water system etc....buuuuuuuuuuut in the long run for the most of us i think tap water is just fine.....if your really worried do a little experiment.....one week with tap water and the other with your brita or bottled water....

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There is floride in the water here (UK) :-k something to think about, the sink is a place where if not cleaned proply gets alot of shitty crap in it.

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Yes those filters are good especially if you are paranoid. It then lets you stop wondering if the water is causing your acne and lets you get down to finding a real cure.

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man if you guys are going to use bottled/filtered water to wash your face with, that's insane i think haha.. how much more hollywood can you get? this is something i could see anna nicole smith doing.

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Hard water (more minerals) and soft water (few minerals) can affect your skin :. I went more out west and the water was really soft and my skin got all oily, but then I came back home, and my skin settled down (the water is more hard and my skin was used to the chemicals). Of course, the water here is pumped with chlorine and tastes faintly sweet and pool-water-ish. Disgusting? Yes.

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I've heard that water quality could affect acne, but I don't think its a HUGE factor. Genetics, hormones, all the chemicals in the Regimen, those are why I think it doesn't work for everyone.

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