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Smoking and Accutane?

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Hi i'm 21 and started Ro- accutane three days ago. I was told before being perscribed not to smoke, yet there is nothing about smoking in the "Do's" and "Don'ts" leaflet I got with the pills? I know it's a bad habit and this seems a good reason to quit, but what would smoking while on Accutane do exactly? Anyone smoked while on it?

Also another question in regard to dosage. I weigh around 65kg and was put on 1 (20mg) tablet per day for a month along with 4 Erythromycin tablets (250mg) for a month. My derm said he'd review the dosage after that. Does this seem very low, despite the fact I only get a few spots on my back/ shoulders and blackheads/ whiteheads with occasional spots on my face (forehead, nose area mainly)?

Also do you think the dosage being low will mean less severe side effects? Even though it's only been three days I can feel my lips getting drier...

Thanks for listening anyways and good luck to everyone with their fight against acne!!!

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what the hell? why would he prescribe you 20mg a day + antibiotics? That dosage sounds fair..it may be a little low. I'm taking 40mg a day and weigh 150 (this is the appropriate ratio). Your dosage is probably lower because you have less pimples.

I'm so confused, why 4 erythromycin pills a day. Erythromycin sucks anyway. If i were you i'd prob try to find a new derm.

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dont diss the derm. in my course of accutane i'd been given antibiotics, topical and nontopical steroids - jst calms the spots down. accutane is a long term cure, the antibiotics n that r to try make the course more enjoyable. the 20 mg is just to avoid outbreaks. your derms taking it slow (way hay biggrin.gif ) so as to avoid outbreaks. again it means a more enjoyable course but it will last longer. to prove it i've been on 20 mg for 7 months! lol

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