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deeper peels

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I'm still up in the air about deeper peels - sometimes I think something sounds good - but then I'm not really certain. This worries me. I'm going to hold off on any deep peels for now.


What has worked for me so far is:

1. mandellic acid/vinegar

2. olay regenerist

(copper peptides made my facial hair thicker)

3. retin-a

4. excision

5. needling

I'm at 70-80% improvement now (close enough to want perfection) - but I right now I feel like quitting while I'm ahead and sticking to gentle treatments. Nourishing my skin with pure deming and regenerist type serums, and staying out of the sun. Hopefully my body will repair itself - but I don't want to do serious damage.

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Okay, so right now I'm going to try a carrot mask. Purree a carrot and put it on my face.

Des Fernandez was selling a ionophoresis machine so I'm still looking into long term effects of a TCA peel. It's been around for a while, so there should be some information out there.

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Guest Scorpioness


How long did it take you to see results from the Olay Regenerist? I would like to try it, yet I am afraid it might break me out as the Copper Peptides do.

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I've been using Olay Regenerist for about 10 days now. Although it's too early to see results, I really like it so far. I use a little at night after washing off the papaya enzyme mask (I am on the "papaya" regimen at the moment) and it feels matte but not too drying. I've read that it is similar to the La Mer Facial Serum but a looooot cheaper. It hasn't broken me out at all. I was using copper peptides for several months but have since stopped. I was spot-treating my scars and when I was using them the scars looked red and puffed up but when I stopped they went back to where they were.

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Hi Scorpion

Some people have said Olay Regenerist makes them break out, and all our skins are different so just because it didn't break me out doesn't mean it'll be okay for you. You could try getting a free sample from www.olay.com and trying it on a small portion of your face - like by your forhead so if you do break out you can cover it with hair.

All I can say is it helped me a lot so I hope people give it a try. Also, if you are worried about breaking out you can try different formulas. There is a serum, a cream, and a version with sunblock. There are also versions without fagrance. I don't know which one has the least risk of causing breakouts since the cream and the serum were both okay for me. Maybe you can email to Olay?

And you guys - be careful with the papaya. PLEASE DON'T OVERDO IT! You can make your skin red and puffy especially around the eyes. It works as an exfoliator on everybody, but you gotta use moderation or it WILL be itch and sting unless you have really really tough skin. If you don't believe me look at all the papaya peels. Most of them tell you to leave it on your skin for about 10 minutes and only use it once a week. There's a reason for that.

Anyways, I know what it's like to want nice skin so badly, and after hearing about something I probably would overdo it - even if somebody tells me to go easy. If anybody does end up irriating their skin with papain, wash your face with milk and let it sit - unless you're allergic to milk.

Also, don't mix acid and papaya together for an all in one peel. Papaya works best around pH 6-7. The activity of an enzyme is very dependent upon temperature and pH. This is because the proper shape and charge distribution of an enzyme is necessary for it to do it's thing. Heat can denature an enzyme. So can pH changes.

For a while, I put yogurt one my face one night and papaya the next. Yogurt (esp the Mountain High brand -very sour) has lactic acid.

Okay now I feel like a bossy mad scientist in a kitchen.

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Guest Scorpioness

Thanks for the information footprint and Dilemma. I may give The Regenerist a try when I take a break from using Kinerase (which is good stuff) in my regimen.


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