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real maverick

Sudocrem for healing during the regimen (updated)

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UPDATED POST: 08-02-2007

It's now been a good few months and my skin is fab, no breakouts in the time I've been using it, other than the odd spot or two which I can cope with. As you'll see reading the following posts and pages this cream has been a huge success to almost everybody who's tried it.

One thing I want to stress in this update is the need for moisturiser and extra moisturiser because the BP and Sudocrem together can be quite drying. Just add a little more than usual during your night time regimen.


  • Speeds up healing of existing spots and wounds left by them.
  • Zinc Oxide in the cream helps prevent redness and give even complexion
  • Helps fade red marks
  • Anticeptic in the cream helps kill bacteria
  • Local Anasetic in the cream helps reduce pain and discomfort
  • I don't know why or how but using this in combo with BP has got rid of my blocked pores
  • My skin has never looked better or been under such good control
  • Prevents scab formation because the sudocrem actually acts as a barrier over wounds
  • Prevents excess moisture loss in weaping wounds and thus speeds up healing
  • Wash gently with a gentle wash
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Apply a finer of BP
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Apply moisturiser and plenty of it to prevent drying of skin
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Apply a small amount of Sudocrem so that it creates a thin layer over your face, massage in to skin for about 1 minute
Sudocrem does not:
  • Block your pores
Available: (I'll update this list as people give me a list of stores)
  • Boots (uk)
  • Superdrug (UK)
  • Tesco (UK)
  • Ebay (WorldWide)
  • Chemist Warehouse (Austrailia) Thanks to Josh8
  • Westons Online Supply Cheap shipping (worldwide) Thanks to Kei_fujo
If you notice any other benefits or know of a store in the US or Canada that stocks this cream please let me know. If you have any questions that are not covered please ask them here.
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Id be interested in knowing how it goes, I read about that a few months ago but just presumed it would stuff up my skin as at that point I had well over 25 active spots - which are all scars now, so if it helps fade them that'd be awsome.

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Last night, I spread a thin layer over my entire face, on top of my BP and moisturiser.

Today I wake up and all the redness, shinyness, totally gone, red marks from a few spots I had this week really faded, and one active spot I had has decreased in size significantly.

Overall complexion looks wicked.

Nothing I've ever used has had that sort of effect so soon, absolutely incredible, if it continues to work like that, then WOW!

I'm still a bit gob smacked at such a fast effect.

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Hey guys,

I was in my mums bathroom yesterday and spotted a tub of Sudocrem and while I was having a 'wee' I read the tub and in the list of conditions it mentioned acne, 'interesting' I thought.


Paul, can you post the ingredients? Does it have an active ingredient?

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Brandy one of the main ingredients I noted was Zinc. It's also a mild antiseptic.

I'll find a full list of ingredients later, but whatever the stuff is, it's incredible, my complexion is just so smooth and even, it almost seems impossible after the state of my skin yesterday. hmmmm

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How strange, Same thing happened to me the other day. I saw this tub of sudacrem and read the back. Might have to try it now i think.

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@ Brandy, yeah, it contains loads of other stuff too, it's very thick so you can only use it at night, but it really has god smacked me.

@ Wahey, give it a go, just smooth a thin layer on top of your current regimen and see what you think in the AM.

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sudocrem is great and i couldnt live with out it. I just dab a small amount on to spots that r dead it heals the red mark up really well!

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Sudocrem contains a number of ingredients and properties, such as:

* hypoallergenic lanolin, to help provide emollient properties

* zinc oxide is an astringent which reduces the loss of tissue fluid

* benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate are amongst the ingredients of Peru Balsam, recognised for its healing properties

* benzyl alcohol is a weak local anaesthetic which acts to ease localised pain and irritation. It also acts as a disinfectant/antibacterial agent and is responsible for protection against common bacterial contaminants.

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I used to use that, and yes i does make your skin look great, but that is because sudocrem is white and leaves a white sort of layer on your skin, reducing the appearance of marks.

plus, its kinda greasy for AM use, i would only use at night if i went back on it.

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I used to use that, and yes i does make your skin look great, but that is because sudocrem is white and leaves a white sort of layer on your skin, reducing the appearance of marks.

My skin looked great in the morning after I'd totally washed it off. It soothed my irritated skin beautifully.

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Any marks or irritation, some even reported it was great for scars! I'll keep updating my progress with this cream, I hope I'm as amazed tomorrow as I was today :D

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Interesting I wonder though if sudocrem will be too heavy to use long term it does contain Liquid Paraffin and Waxes after all I have just used it today and my face is less irritated than usual,it feels very similar to Hydrocortisone cream to me my face is less tight and dry with reduced redness very similar to what hydrocortisone cream does hopefully this wont break me out like hydrocortisone does.

Anyway thanks for sharing mav

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From what I've read, many acne sufferers use this long term. It's fecking amazing for redness, my complexion this morning was flawless.

My skin tone is totally even, the big cyst I had, that I expected to stay over christmas is now flat and fading.

I am absolutely raving about this product right now, it's healing properties are far beyond anything I've ever used before.

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I just looked this up and it is similar to some of our diaper rash ointments here in the US.

Like Desitin and Flander's Buttock's Ointment. Both have zinc oxide as their main active ingredient, and the Flander's stuff also has the peruvian balsam. Both have petrolatum.

I used the Flander's Buttock's Ointment on my boys when they were babies, I put it on their little bottoms everyday and neither one ever had a diaper rash, ever!



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