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Stop my "nodulic pimple" !

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Hi, i've been on accutane for a month now, and it has already made my skin pretty calm. No cysts, only red pimples and very few blacks.

Although I got a pimple/nodule on my cheekbone, and it's red an inflamed. I've had it for 5 days now, and has not reduced in size. I've been trying with tea tree oil but it dont do the job.. Any advices - cause it's very ugly and the location of it makes i look twice as big as it is.

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Me too!!! I've had a HUGE one on my chin now for almost a week and it's just not coming to a head....I tried EVERYTHING!!!

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Benzyl peroxide a heavy dose, I usually leave a blob on when I can as much as I can for big zits.

Try to make it get a head, then squeeze it but don’t squeeze after you see blood as I think this is what can cause a scar.

You can also keep dabbing it with hot water and tissue to soften it up all the time, keep trying to force it to gain gunk.

As soon as the gunk is out, they will go in size.

If this thing is as large as some I have had in the past.

It will scar over, when it is scarred over, leave benzyl peroxide on again and try to leave it for a good 6-12hours.

Then re-pick it again, you will find the rest of the gunk as come to the surface, this should be the last time.

Extract the gunk with gentle squeezing (hard squeezing can effect the skin around them and cause a red mark or a blister dependent on the force of the sqeezing on it). Once the 2nd phase is out of the way it should take a few days to reduce to nothing and simply leave a red mark, that will fade, it will fade quicker with peroxides on it.

Always squeeze using a tissue and never your fingers, you don’t want to infect this or any others.

Sorry cant help more only way I have managed to beat these, is with hot water dabbed on them as much as possible.

High concentration of BP, wait till it gets angry and forms white gunk, then squeeze the gunk out of it.

Takes around 3days to get rid of a true monster, takes longer for it to fade.

If you get these a lot I would shift what you eat, I get these things only after consuming high fats or junk, took me ages to see the link!

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I used to get these beauty's all the time! Get some hydrogen peroxide from your chemist (3%. If you have to get a higher percentage, then dlute with water) and soak a cotton wool ball in it. Hold to the beast of a spot for 10 mins, keep resoaking your cotton wool throughout this time. Do this every morning and night, or as often as you can manage, and the spot will dry up so quickly you won't even believe your eyes!

Sometimes the spot will come to a head. Don't squeeze. Leave it for a while after the soaking, and gently press the area around the spot, no squeezing, I can't stress this enough, and if the cysytic spot is ready, it will pop out itself. After it has pooped, soak again with the cotton wool to kill bacteria in the area. At this point, it will sting like crazy and may bubble and turn white and inflamed, don't worry though, this will die down. It is just the hydrogen peroxide getting to work.

I don't ever squeeze them, even if they go white, they usually just soak away with the hydrogen peroxide.

Its the best stuff for getting rid of nasties like them!

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