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The impact of technology

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I had been thinking about this same old issue since after acne got me bad.

Like all i do was coop up home, hibernate and use the internet.

And such resulted me to speak less, no use of phones, all i do was text/type messages (unless i'm out in sch/with friends. Of course we won't be sending each other messages when we are like next to each other -_- ).

Something like a barrier there that prevents me from voicing my thoughts, concern or whatever.

I am starting to think this is getting worse.

Recently my cousin got back from overseas. She was really sick while she was away in a foreign country with no kins by her side. And the day she got back...i didn't even call her to check things out when i am like the closer one (among the cousins) to her in the big family. Rather i text messages to her :(

I do want to call her up. But every thought of picking up the phone, looking up her name, hitting the call button, and then ... i blanked out. I don't know what to talk to her. I can't possibly just call and go "hey so you're back. How's everything now? How was the trip ...?" blah blah. It's like i am afraid that the conversation would get to a point when both of us have nothing to say to each other. I have difficulties trying to carry a phone conversation :(

I think because of acne, i had became much withdrawn. And with this technology thing, i became too rely that phones to me are almost useless. I don't talk on the phone like other girls :( I don't know if this is normal. My close friend does call me up, and i always try my best to not bore her out. But i guess she knows how i am like. Quiet, not talking much etc and she's always the one talking on and on ;)

Well ye, i just wanted to share this.

acne + technology set combo = not good for health :naughty:

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Hey, at least this was posted recently and not in August. Somebody had way too much fun with the board earlier...

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well I wouldn't go as far as to blame acne for that, maybe since you said it made you more quiet.

but theres nothing wrong with that I text too.. i only have 2 fiends in my life who I could actually talk to on the phone for a while. got 1 friend we could talk on the phone for hours, but no one else, any other friends I've ever had except this 1 friend and 1 other friend, i could never talk to for more than 2 minz on the phone. nothing wrong with it.

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