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Guest molly_jean_comments
I am sick and tired of this damn acne. I want accutane!! I have tried so many things but nothing has worked...retina, retina micro, clindamycine, duac, differin, clenia, stiholom, benzacnen, tetracyclin, monocyclin, tazorac, and another oral med. which name I forgot. I am just tired of this and never seeing any improvement in my skin. If anything, then it just gets oilier from all this crap. I wash my face and 30min afterwards it's covered in oil all over again. My forehead looks like a graveyard!! I have so many cysts and bumps. I can't even run my hand across it because it hurts so much. I've been so depressed because of this that I have put on 15lbs in the past month and a half. I just stay at home and eat, which makes me think now that I have actually developed an eating disorder as well ;(

I'm going to see my derm. tomorrow at 10am but I know he's just going to give me something useless.....probably make me try Retin A again. I have begged him for accutane but he refuses to give it to me unless "Its covered by so much acne that he can't see my face anymore" then he'll give it to me. I have seen pictures of members who are on accutane and their acne is 10X milder than mines....i'm so sad ;(

Im glad you saw someone else that you like :) I like my dermatologist but his physicians assistant is much better :angel:

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Ok here's what I did.

I have seen 4 derms. Finally after the third on I was sick of not getting what I knew I needed and deserved. I wrote down all the reasons that I had for Tane and was prepared to list them off.

-many years of dealing with persistant acne

-no meds have worked

-family history

-frustrated, exhausted

-difficult to study

She gave it to me! I think it helps that I had a female derm. If she refused I was prepared to say that I was going to see as many different derms as it took to get Accutane so she might as well just save me some time and put me on it now. I think a lot of derms don't want to deal with iPledge and the possible negative side effects. These derms are wimps who really don't care about their patients.

Wow. I really ranted. Anyways, all the best!

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If I were you I would switch derms right away. From what you said I dont see this guy giving you accutane. Even if you do cry, they might think your depressed and thats another reason not to give it to you. Your gonna get alot of "try this prescription first" But if your lucky you can find a derm who gives out accutane like candy. Just show them that you have researched the drug well, know all the side effects, and definitely show proof of all the prescriptions you took. If the waiting list of a problem, go to a general physician they too can prescribe accutane (in the u.s that I know of) and alot of them are with I-pledge now.

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I saw the gynecologist on Friday. She did the usual examination and took my blood. She wants to see me in the office this upcoming thursday so that she can't discuss the results with me. Then I'll have to see my derm again (hopefully the lady) so that she can evaluate the gyn. results and recommend a proper treatment for me. Hoewever, I dont understand why she made me see the gynecologist. I dont think my acne is hormone related because my periods are regular and I dont break out along the jaw line. It's a bit strange but I'm actually glad that she is doing something different than giving me stupid Retin-A, or another worthless prescription. Well, I guess I'll have to wait until Thursday and see what the gynecologist sais.

I have never seen this derm. lady at the office before. I dont know if she's new but I am glad that I had her. :dance:

I'm not a female and don't know a lot about hormonal acne. I know it's said the 'classic' pattern is along the jaw line. In my experience, a lot of diseases have 'classic' presentations, but that certainly doesn't mean that ALL cases have the same, classic presentaion. I'm just saying this because I would think that even though you don't have the jawline condition, it still could be hormonal.

Also, my daughter has acne mostly on the center of her chin under the moutn and center of the forehead between the eyebrows. Birth control pills help her a lot on this.

So, I would think that a good gyn check up won't hurt and could help.

As for you saying "Then I'll have to see my derm again (hopefully the lady) so that she can evaluate the gyn. results and recommend a proper treatment for me. " Hoping has nothing to do with it - INSIST on seeing that doctor. Why in god's name would you see the other one when you have the option of seeing one you like better? Don't hope, request the other doctor!!

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