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What type of zit is THIS???

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Well.. I don't know if you guys had these before.. but they generally look like bumpless red/black/purple marks but when you pop one of them the ooze just bursts out so fast it hits the mirror. They seem to be like zits under your skin that has no bumps but just has a colored mark. Also, I've had a red mark on my face for like a year or so now and it doesn't fade at all.. I don't know what I can do. How do i know if it's one of those under-skin zits or just a red scar? It's annoying cuz this is the only red scar that's really noticeable on my right cheek. I wanna get rid of it so bad. Suggestions please. Thanks.

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yeah if I'm thinking about what you are thinking of than yes I have had those before. When I have one of those (that is if I'm thinking of the right thing) it almost appears to be on or near a pore which almost looks like the pore is infected, but without the bump, so it's not really a clogged pore but rather just an infected pore. I'm not too sure. I would just keep benzoyl peroxide on it around the clock and I don't really know if this helps but I ice my face for any type of bump or infected pore (but I believe that only stops inflammation. Guess you could try) anyways about the red mark I have those too and I believe that they take about six to eight months to fully heal. There are many over the counter products which could possibly speed up the process but I've heard mixed results. I guess it's different for everybody. I guess just try something until the red mark goes away and if it bothers you at all a trip to a doctor or dermatologist to explore your options (or if you think it's a zit under your skin you can find out) wouldn't hurt.

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