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L'Oreal Pure Zone

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did anyone heere ever use the New product from loreal. its the LOREAL PURE ZONE CONTINIOUS PURITY. actually for me ist quite expensive it cost 1000 pesos = 20 dollars. i just used it only once cause when i ran out of stock i was not able to buy again, well i have to save amoney again from my schhools allowance. it consdisst of three steps .

1>> the DEEEP EXFOLIATING GEL or DEEP PURIFYING GEL( u can use any of tthe two)

2>>The toner

3>> the moisturizer (bettrer if u usde the ANTI INPERFECTION w/ ANTIOXIDANT)

its not that im promoting or adevrtising, its just it works for me im 16 yr. old colldege student and always expose to pollution when going to school but whenever i used it i feel refresh and it helps to get rid of my blackheads and my pimples. although i have to apply BP 2.5% by PAn oxyl cost 150 pesos = 3 dollars. when i have pimple but then i dont hve any nowadays. my problem is o maintain my beautiful skin.heheh cause its already 2 months since i was not using any product and fear that acne will come back grrrrrrr.

dont forget that doing only one step will not take effect, based on my experience i only do step 1 then apply Pan OXyl 2.5% BP. it cause pimple breakout.

better also if u use the L'Oreal Pure Zone with ISO BACTER TEchnology it doesnt have the sodium laureth sulfate which they say may irritate ur skin . well thats all.

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I didnt like Pure Zone. The moisturizer leaves residue and the toner is sticky. They hardly helped my complexion at all. The only good thing is the exfolliating gel in my opinion.

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It was nice, and I liked using these products, but it did absolutely nothing to my skin.

I appreciate that it takes a while for products to work sometimes, but this didn't even remotely change my skin.

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