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My acne log...starting it tonight.

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I've had acne since I was 11 - almost 5 years.

It started when I was in grade 6 - I started to get zits on my back, as well as on my forehead. Nothing too major, and at first I treated it with BP and cleansing.

This worked for a year or so to keep it under control.

Fast forward to the end of grade 7. My acne has become worse, spreading down my back and to my shoulders and chest. My skin is now broken out mainly on my cheeks. My mother takes me to see our family doctor. He puts me on minocycline for a few months. This does nothing. Then he puts me on tetracycline. This also does nothing.

It's now halfway through grade 8. My acne is noticable and embaressing. My mother is having toruble securing a dermatologist to go to, and when she finally does, I'm almost due to start grade nine.

He puts me on tazorac, and tetracycline again. After two months of treatment, I feel the tazorac works great, but the tetracycline does not. He then proceeds to put me off the tetracycline and on to the tazorac.

My skin has flared up worse than ever. Finally, we go see my family doctor again and he prescribes Alesse BC. I find this works well, but my mother does not. She takes me back to see my dermotoligst, and he prescribes accutane - because of the flare ups, and the fact that the acne has spread to my arms.

Day 1:

So, I'm dure to take my first pill tonight. At the moment, my chest, arms, and back are a minefield of cysts, whiteheads, scars, and blackheads. My face is mainly red, although there are about 8 zits total on my face.

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