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erythromycin-benzoyl peroxide

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I was originally on benzaclyn and now I just switched to this new one I mentioned. I got it today and the stuff is so clumpy. The benzaclyn wasnt like this. Is it suppose to be like this all clumpy and hard to run in? I might have messed it up because I put water in it and tried to mix it with little results. Help me.

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Mine is kinda clumpy as you say and not as creamy, but why did you add water to it? Mine was mixed by a pharmacist and was told to keep it in the frige.

well because i didint think the pharmacist mixed it ecause it was so thick and clumpy. Thats why I did it because it was nearly impossible to put on the way it was. I probably fudged up the medicine. So since I did that Im going to just use aloe vera gel no bp at all for a while and see if this works. I got alot of redmarks As well as mild acne,so Im gonna take a risk.

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Try contacting your pharmacist and ask if the med is still affective, if not maybe it can be changed somehow free of charge?

Don't give up on it cause I really like how it's working on me even though it was harsh on my skin for about a week it may really clear you up fast.

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Benzamycin that comes in a tub?

iv had that before, and only stayed on it for a month as it was so hard to work into the face.

i like to limit the ammount of time im touching my face but i spent like 15 mins trying to make this rubbish rub into my face.

and also, i hope you didnt mix the water in too much cause BP is very insoluble in water to u may just be able to let the gel sit for a while and the water will come to teh surface.

if not, you will need to get it changed/

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