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Update on my progress on the regimen

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Hey People,

I haven't been on in a long while. I see that the Clear Skin Regimen is now called Dan Kern's Regimen? :D

Just wanted to update people about my progress with it. I started around June with the CSR, with first 10% bp, then 5%, and around July down to the CSR gel of 2.5%. I had doubts that Dan's gel would work since it had such a low concentration of bp, but was pleasantly surprised that it worked just fine.

Before I started the CSR, I would break out a lot and had lots of old red marks that stayed around for a long time. When I started using it, my face would be red and even though it kept pimples away, I hated the redness.

5 months into it, I would say it's the best thing for pimples. I seriously don't get any pimples anymore. It's amazing. I'll get maybe one small pimple a week and then I add some extra bp on top of it during the day, and by the night it disappears. Also, my face is not red anymore as it was when I first started the regimen. I believe my face has gotten used to it.

For everyone's info, my regimen is as follows:

In the morning, I use the Purpose gentle cleanser, then 3/4 of a finger of bp, and add coppertone sunblock lotion spf 45 (I use sunblock because my face was red before and I figured it was due to the sun burning my face while on bp so I got some sunblock. It works great, and since it kept my face from turning red, I just decided to keep using it. Plus, I hate moisturizers and think it can add to breakouts.)

In the night I use the cleanser, a full finger of bp, and then Neutrogena's healthy skin lotion with AHA, night version.

I think an AHA like the neutrogena one is a must because it unclogs your pores and it erases old acne marks faster. My face has a much more even tone after using it for 4 months, once a night.

Some things I've found while on the regimen. I've skipped it a few times either in the night because I was too buzzed or in the morning because I was lazy. For a the 1st day I was still clear, but a few days later I broke out a little. It's best to do it morning and night.

Also, moisturizer during the day is not really necessary and sunblock is better if your face gets red. That's from my experience because whenever I used moisturizers, I would break out. Also, an oil free one is the best. Not that cetaphil stuff with macadamia nut oil.

Anyways, that was a long post. My face is pretty much all clear, and I don't really have any old acne spots anymore. Thanks Dan and this forum for giving me the info needed to accomplish it. :dance:

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I've been using it for about the same length of time, and I'm also clear, a part from the very odd zit, which just about everyone gets.

I just use it once a day now, and it's still working the same, so I don't feel there's any point in using it twice.

I would recommend everyone to bring it down to once a day and see what happens.

I can put it on in the evening or at night now, which means I don't need to worry about the temporary redness.

I don't use any moisturiser, and my skin isn't drying from it now that I only use one dose a day.

I should add that I'm 35 and have had moderate acne since my teens, and now I'm 100% clear.

I also take 2000mg of Vit C a day, I'm convinced that also helps with deep cystic acne.

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Hey Tap!

so nice to see you here! That's fantastic you are clear! woohoo!

Hey Brandy,

Nice to see you're still around helping others on the CSR. ;)

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glad to hear you had success, its always good to hear how well the regimen has been working for people. i too am clear, despite that casual zit and a few red marks left over, and it is just a great feeling after having to go through all that we have and now finally looking good.

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what is the difference between neutrogena healthy skin night version and the regular version?

The regular version has spf 15 in it while the night version doesn't. I just use it at night so don't need the spf.

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