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Hey guys, just generally wanna say a huge THANK YOU for the support and advice that you all give each other and motivate us to stay strong while on accutane, and battling with acne.


It has changed my life so dramtically, and because it was so bad it still haunts me, and i feel it still will in the future.

I am 16 now, and i had servere acne by the age of 11/12. It was so hard because i felt like 'no one' else had it. I felt like a freak. I lacked so much slef esteem and confidence. I would cry in my room at night and pray to god to take it away frome me :pray: , i even sometimes felt suicidal.

I started taking the pill a couple months after my period had started at 12 - not for sex, but for my skin. It was called estelle 35 (or something like that) and i just stopped taking it 2 weeks ago because now im on accutane. I really should of been on accutane first, but the pill started working for my skin after about a year. It was 'pretty good' untill about a month ago it got even worse! so i begged my mom if i could take accutane, becasue i just absolutley had enough! :hand:

Don't you guys feel that way too? you think, why me? what did i do to deserve this?

My acne is not servere anymore, but since it was previously, like i said it will always haunt me when my skin is fully clear...it has permantley 'scarrd' me mentally, emotionally aswell as physically...but people....

"LETS NOT GIVE UP!"I love coming onto this site and seeing all the support you guys give each other and ask questions. in a way we are all like 'family' undergoing and battling the same battle, so lets keep it up, and keep those chins up because IT WILL GET BETTER. :dance:

Sometimes i just wanna reach out to the people suffering depression because of their acne and let them know that its gonna be alright, as now i have moved on in my life, and am happy but i'll never forget the traumatic pain it caused me from the ages 11-15.

So please people, keep helping one another through this bumpy ride, and we can get through it together.

Love ya all (doesnt matter if we dont know each other, we can understand what everyone is feeling or had felt in the past, and show some love)

alright well, you can see why i get good marks in english for my essays now right? hahah nah just playing.

Untill next time, KEEP SMILING! thats all from me .mwah :clap::clap::clap:

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I'm not on Accutane but welcome to the family of fellow warriors against the evil acne!

Hope you find everything you need on here!


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This forum is nice. For some reason, I started reading posts at the accutane action group forum today, and now I'm sucked in. :wacko:

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YES i understand exactly where you're coming from...i'm 17 and i've been going through the same stuff growing up...but yeah we should feel lucky because we both are trying to get ours under control early!

how far along on the course/what's your dose?

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