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I will KILL it!

Can it be an elevated scar? And how can I treat it?

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Hi everyone, so I'm having a problem here. You see, on the end of my nose, I've had a weird purplish bump for more than 3 years (maybe 4?), it's soft when I touch it and it doesn't seem to go. I got it after I had an ENORMOUS cyst (that hurt like hell) that I squeezed several times like a dumbass, after that it leaved that strange bump and it never went away... EXCEPT ONCE, back to when I was experimenting several different products, I tryed something called "Ophytol" wich I had to put on my spots with a doser. It did nothing for my acne but strangely it dryed that bump out and it DISAPEARD!!!

Damn I was happy, because even if I had a moderate to severe acne, what looked (and still does) fucking ugly was that shit on my nose, not to mention the other bumps that I've also had from some other big cysts, but these are skin coloured and not purplish. But after 1 week or 2, it began to reappear!!! And now I'm left with it, my acne isn't that severe right now (moderate with some cysts appearing here and there... and a couple of red marks), but that shit sure is ugly, and the other bumps are too (my nose isn't already small... so it aggravates it).

So I was wondering if that was an elevated scar/hypertrophic, or something else? It kinda looks like these bumps: IPB Imagebut a bit bigger and one of them is purplish to red (this is not a picture of my nose by the way). If it is, how can I make it disapear?

I've heard cica care or something like that could resolve that problem, can it? Thanks for your answers, if I can make it disapear you don't know how much I will be happy q.q!!!

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I have a similar problem but not on my nose. When I saw the doctor last he prescribed me nicomide T-cream, it's got 4% nicotinamide in it. I googled it and it is good for things like atopic dermatitis and I guess good for bumpy skin and scars. It is helping some but I don't think there is a fast cure for this condition. You could try lasers if you have the money. There are products on the internet you could google with that active ingredient if you don't won't to go to the derm. You could also try V-beam, a pulsed dye laser, or I just read about a new laser with green light which should be better than v-beam. I haven't tried it yet but you can google green beam or green light. I don't know who has it around me but it is supposed to treat the redness and calm the skin down.

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