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any guys notice change in foreskin on accutane?

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I'm not entirely sure (being a girl and not on accutane), but I do believe one of the side effects is that your skin can get thinner and more sensative. As long as you are lubing up and keeping the area clean, I don't think it would be a problem. But I could be wrong, so hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about can jump in here and give a more informed answer!

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Oh, okay. I don't really know how that works, (I've never met an uncircumsized guy yet), but I'd still imagine that it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I think there are a few uncut guys on here as well, hopefully they can answer better.

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I live in the Midwest, the Kansas City metro area. I like it here - big enough to get half decent jobs, but it's not so overcrowded like LA or New York or Portland.

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well since im a guy with acne i jerk off a lot. i've noticed on my foreskin i can see all the capillaries and stuff. is this temporary? anyone else have it?

How old are you?

You didn't noticed the capillaries & stuffs before you took accutane?

im uncircumsized so i dont lube

I am too!

I haven;t on accutane...but, evertime my "thing' get pumped...I can see capillaries & stuffs!

So..no worry.

If you are, go to see a doctor! and post some pics...so that I can compare yours to mine...hehe!

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hey man

my parents are european and i am uncut as well. i know what you mean about lube. just to explain this to people who are not familiar -- it's not that uncut guys are naturally lubed... its just that this is a mobile layer of skin on the shaft of the penis that can slide back and forth and so there is not skin/skin friction as there is if you are cut. naturally, sex and masturbation do not require and kind of lube...

i'm on my fifth month of accutane. i have been completely clear (not a single zit/cyst or anything) for over 2 months.

I did 2 months @ 40 mg per day, and then 2 months @ 80 mg per day and I'm finishing my fifth month at 80 mg per day. with 2 weeks left to go!!

I have noticed that my foreskin has gotten more dry... but so have my hands and lips and arms... sometimes i get small patches of dry skin on the back of my arms or on my forearms. (not generally on my legs) my lips are very dry on the 80 mg but they were okay on the 40 mg. my nose has never been very bad at all... my hands are extremely dry. if I am doing anything that involves a lot of work with my hands, it really sucks because my hands begin to hurt. as for my penis, the glans and foreskin are definitely more dry than they were before. sex is definitely fine, (there is no difference) but on an every day basis, the natural feeling of having my foreskin over my head feels different because it is dry which is something I have gotten used to. this problem is worse on the 80 mg than on the 40 and I expect it will get better once I go off accutane. definitely though, I cannot see any blood vessels or anything... it just looks like smooth moist soft pink skin... but a bit more dry than usual. so it sounds like you might have a different situation than me. perhaps talk to doc.

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