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Suffering from this type of acne?

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This covers a lot of topics so I just put it in the most general forum I could find, I hope it's placed right.

Around the time I turned 14, I was hit with you standard "acne vulgaris" that I'm sure 90% of you have. This went away pretty quickly with a topical cream the doctor gave me, but while on it my skin got so dry and damaged that it literally cracked open all over my face and it was unbelievably painful. I quit using the stuff within a few months, and, for the most part, this type of acne, the type that shows itself with huge boils and leaves "craters", completely disappeared. However, what I was left with was dense, a non-stop barrage of small pimples and blackheads that migrated to my chest and arms and continually attacked my face. So, this time, I tried the over-the-counter benzol peroxide treatments. Inevitably, my face turned red and every single day it felt like someone had taken a piece of sandpaper to my face. They say you're supposed to normalize to these topical treatments over time, but I never did. My acne got worse and my skin just continued to fall apart. So, I went back to the doctor and this time I tried out Accutane. After a couple of weeks, my skin was again falling off of my face in large pieces and my lips developed massive cracks that bled every single day (it was almost impossible just to talk). Again, you're supposed to normalize to it, but after 4 months it had only gotten worse and it was almost at the point where I couldn't open my mouth from my cracked lips. The body acne stopped spreading, but the acne on my face got much, much worse and actually started turning into "crater" acne again. Then came Proactive which did no more than make my face feel like it was in a grease fryer 24 hours a day (and is insanely overpriced considering you can concoct buckets of the stuff yourself for next to nothing, but that's a different story). I could get advice from no one since the doctors had absolutely no idea and no medications worked. At this point, I set about combating it with diet, exercise, and other things, and to my astonishment I met with success. As someone who's largely recovered from this sort of acne, I feel obligated to tell you that you can fight it when no medications work, and this is how I went about it...

*If you are suffering like I did as explained above, your skin is probably extremely thin/sensitive and is hence much more sensitive to diet than most acne sufferers are. You first step is to revolutionize your diet. Take a good multivitamin; the best ones come from real health food stores, avoid Centrum and other grocery store brands. We live on high-carbohydrate diets in the west and food guides actually recommend eating large amounts of bread and pasta and that sort of thing. AVOID THEM. My experience is that grain products, such as bread, pasta, and other "doughy" things, in addition to fatty things, exacerbate acne so astoundingly you can see the effects within the next day. Switch to a more protein-oriented diet with lots of meat, fruits, and vegetables. For some of you controlling your diet may be difficult, but you will be motivated when you see the results, trust me. So, in conclusion, try not to eat much bready foods, fatty foods, salty foods and useless foods that will leave your blood stream full of things that don't need to be there.

*Exercise, exercise, exercise. Especially jogging/running. Jog and run every day bar none (without overtraining) and you WILL see results, almost immediately. It is all about getting the blood flowing so can clean your system of all the crap that adds to acne and burning off carbohydrates/fats that will make it worse. I once ran every day for a single month (in combination with a good diet) and during that period had maybe one or two pimples. Once I stopped, I was immediately bombarded again.

*The only treatment that works for me are the acne "spot" treatments (just benzol peroxide, of course) which are beneficial in keeping growing pimples in check. Since you only apply them to the single cyst the stuff won't burn your face off. This new Spectro face wash is quite useful, unlike other treatments it does not make things worse and is very benign compared to other face washes.

*As everyone knows, and as with any acne, stress and depression makes it worse. I just sort of go with the law of attraction during these times and act positive.

I hope this helps someone. I had no help and no cures when I had to go through it, so it seems right to try to help whoever else might be experiencing it.

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