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Eyeliner Problems

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#-o :-k Today I wore my eyeshadow for the first time with my eyeliner. I first put on my eyeshadow then over top of that my eyeliner. At school-about lunch time...I was primping up and i relized that my Eliner mixed/smugged with my eshadow. Whats wrong & how can i fix my problem??

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1. Always use foundation on your lids to set makeup and provide a good base for your eye makeup.

2. Then use powder over the foundation to allow for blending and to absorb any extra oils on your lids

3. Try applying eyeliner first and then eyeshadow to set your eyeliner. Touch up your eyeliner if necessary. You might want to look into using liquid eyeliner, which is harder to apply but will not smudge and 'melt' as a pencil. Or, also try another brand.

Hope this helps!

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I use a small damp sponge and press it onto my eyelid after I put the makeup on, it help sets the makeup and works pretty well unless you get really hot and sweaty.

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Did you use liquid eyeliner or pencil?

I find that pencil eyeliner tends to smudge more! Liquid eyeliner is good as it sets and just stays on! You need to get the right one though or else it will crumble and you'll look silly with eyeliner on one eye and half on the other! biggrin.gif

I find that Rimmel liquid eyeliner is class! smile.gif

Your eyeliner may also smudge if you use that cream sort of eyeshadow! i use the other sort and always apply the eyeshadow first and then eyeliner and have no probs!

I agree with the idea of applying your foudation first as it provides a good base!

if you have oily skin and wear foundation anywhere on the face, remember to apply pressed powder after you have applied the foundation, as it helps reduce shine and absorb any excess oil!

hope that helps!

oh, if you want a sexy, smokey eyes look, go for the pencil eyeliner and apply it smudged with a light eyeshadow! it looks good! wink.gif

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