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Dirtedogs Accutane Log

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hey guys :cool:

We'll today I have started accutane for the first time. I just want to say thanks to all of those who answered my questions on accutane on this great website. I am a 19 year old male from New Zealand, and like most of you, have been at the great war with acne for many many years. My acne started at the age of 11 or 12. Up until the age of about 18 my acne was mild, with some bad out breaks at times, usually during summer. I first went to the derm when I was 17 after coming back from a holiday in Malaysia with a terrible break out. :cry:

About this time last year, I broke out really bad. At first I put it down to stress from my university exams, but perhaps it was because of the hot weather. I went insane, as In New Zealand, not many teens suffer from acne. Perhaps one in 30 teenagers? Why did it have to be me. So I went the derm december last year and he gave me erythromycin. It did nothing for me but leave me with bad stomach pains. Sort of like the pain you get when you are really really hungry. During that time, a family member reccomended ProActiv. I tried it for a few months, and I think it did help a little bit. After a while I think it just didnt work anymore, and I had no time for the three stops twice a day as i'm a busy person. By the time the NZ winter came, my skin was a lot better. It always seems to improve in the winter when it is colder. I still had mild acne, so went to the derm again (omg those guys most be loaded...$250 for like a 5 min appointment!!!??) He put me on doxycycline. I tried it for a few months, but it just didn't work. :doubt:

Then about a month or two ago, just as the NZ summer came, I had a massive outbreak. My top half of my face isn't too bad, maybe 3-5 small pimples, but the lower part of my face is terrible. Covered in acne in the area of my face where I shave. I have always been scared of taking accutane, but after reading all the great info on this I realised that it is a great drug, and isn't something to be too worried about. Thank you guys for sharing your acne experience with tane, it really helps. I picked up my prescription yesterday, of Isotane 20. I take two I20 tablets every morning starting today. My derm also gave me Erythromycin (antibiotic) for the first 1-2 months ad he said it will help prevent further breakout.

As a write this, I sort have got a headache. Not too sure if this is from the tane or not. Becuase I have found reading these logs so helpfull as a guide of what people go through while on isotane, I will keep a weekly log on here so that I can help future (and maybe current) generations of potential tane users. I won't write a daily log, because who see's progress in the space of one day. Perhaps only once or twice a week. So...here is my tane routine:


After breaky, take two 20mg Isotane tablets, followed by one erythromycin(1-2 months only to help with initial breakout)


Another erythromycin

I moisturise morning and night with Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser. When/if I start to flake, I will add some jojoba oil to it.

I have been reading that some of you take Vit E and Fish Oil. Can someone please advise me of the benefits to this? I am thinking about trying it. Also, what kind of Vit E and fish oil should I look out for.

Thanks for reading guys

Will keep you posted. For all those on accutane, GOOD LUCK!! :cool:

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I just took my first 20 mg accutane pill after dinner tonight. Let's hope this course goes fairly smoothly. I'm not so naive as to think it will be a breeze, but hopefully it won't be too brutal! My derm has me on 60 mg daily for 5 months. I think it's alot to start out with, but that's what she wants. We'll see. If i break out too badly for my IB, I will back down on my own. They gave me 20 mg pills so i can do whatever. Good luck, keep us posted!!!

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Hey guys

here's a little update, been ten days now. I'll keep it short and sweet.

DAY 10

Acne status : I am breaking out on my forehead, and acne seems to be spreading higher up my cheeks.

Lips: very dry. My bottom lip is swollen. I am using lip balm like a bad habit.

Skin: not dry at all. I do moisturise morning and night. Sometimes if i don't moisturise before bed I wake up in the middle of the night to a really itchy face.

I'll report back in a week, or when there's further development.

Thanks :cool:

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