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Finally Clear...and still CLEAR!

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I wanted to re-start the thread that a fellow post-sufferer Christine started about 2 years ago. I am apprx. 40 years old, mom of 2 boys who HAD suffered with chronic re-occuring acne. I had the normal stuff when I was a teenager but grew out of most of my troubled skin at/around 20 years old. After my second son was born my skin began to show signs of acne issues again only they were a lot worse. Instead of small areas of acne, I started developing both painful, below skin cysts and of course the normal outward ones. I began to become obsessed with clearing up my skin. I tried EVERYTHING except accutane - mostly because I was still in child rearing age. :wall:

One day I finally decided to log onto this web site: I was easily at my wits end. :wacko: I was depressed and angry and constantly conscious of my skin. I had fear of the rain, pool and my own gym workouts as I knew my makeup would run and I'd be exposed. :cry:

Anyway, now the good news. :D

About 18 months ago I had finally accepted my fate as a acne sufferer. I decided to log on to www.acne.org to research yet another idea: I had heard about B5 as a possible OTC vitamin that might at least reduce the outbreaks.

To this day I believe it was divine intervention :)

Christine's Thread read, "Finally Clear...." I decided, what the heck...Let's see how Christine got clear.

Her plan was v. simple and amazingly enough inexpensive...no $50/month product plan!!


*Wash with Clearasil Daily Wash (Or whatever wash works for you AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T STING!)

*10% BP (Only if nec. dab small amounts of BP on area that is under attack)

*Dab v. small amount of neosporin on open sore/open area.

*Finish with OLAY Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 15****

Shower Time: (I teach a fitness class in the AM, so my shower time is usually around Noon)

*(In Shower) Wash with Clearasil Daily Wash (Or whatever wash works for you AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T STING!)

*(In Shower) Use a baby wipe (hypoallergnic) to remove makeup around the eyes

*(In Shower) St. Ives scrub** (Key: use in shower after you wash your hair etc. Use with lots of water; DO NOT SCRUB HARD!!!!) :) Treat skin v. gently.

After I dress: (I then proceed to the BP & Moisturizer.)

*10%BP (Only if nec. dab small amounts of BP on area that is under attack)

*Dab v. small amount of neosporin on open sore/open area.

*Finish with OLAY Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 15****


*Wash again with Clearasil, only small dab of 10% BP where needed, neosporin plus pain for open areas and MOISTURIZER. (Neosporin helped reduce the pain, and healing process)

Note: I am v. bad at washing my skin at night (egads!) But it's okay. My skin is okay even if I sleep in dailly makeup. Yikes, it sounds bad, but I'm a busy mommy so I can't always take great care of my self.

**I used to fear that if I didn't constantly wash my face it would break out. Now I don't worry about it.

I've read lots of books on acne. One of my favorite books was written by a dermatologist in the CA area. He wrote that acne suffers offen are ashamed of their skin; like it was a punishment. It's not. Try to think of the skin as a delicate system that when it breaksout it needs EXTRA tender loving care not abuse. Abuse being: Harsh skin cleasers, abrasive exfoilants, over cleasing (3-5 times a day) etc.

Of course he also talked about keeping your hands off your skin. NO PICKING. Yeah, well that's hard to do when you're constantly stopping at every mirror to see if your skin looks as bad as it feels. Then one thing leads to another and whamo you're picking at it. This stopped for me when my skin started feeling good and less painful. Out of sight out of mind....

BTW-I get it, believe me. I used to set goals for myself, saying "If I can just not touch my skin for 1 hour, 2 hours...this morning a whole day...then I'd blow it and pick and pick till I felt like I couldn't leave the house.

I have been clear now for about 1 full year. It took 3-6 months to finally stop bad behaviour (picking etc.) and to clear up the damage I had inflicted ONTO my skin. It only took (and I swear) about 1-2 days for me to see a difference. After about 1 week I started seeing marked improvements. Less underlying bumps. Smooth areas etc. It just felt better, healthier!

I had promised the others who were writing on the thread that I would check back every week or so just to see how everyone was doing. Please forgive me (if any of you are left). I haven't been back for a while.

What an amazing thing...to go weeks and weeks...Months even and not be obsessed about my skin.

I am not saying that this regime will magically fix all acne situations. Trust me I know that many suffer from acne-type disease that only doctors can fix.

But, if you are like me. With skin that has mild-moderate skin issues. You might try it. I went to countless dermatologist and was prescribed all sorts of stuff. None of it worked. It wasn't until I decided to be my skins best friend that I turned the corner.

I avoid:

ANYTHING that stings or is abrasive to the skin. If it hurts - stop. The skin is like any other kind of thing. When threaded it will respond.

Over-cleasing my skin: I used to think that the tight feeling I got after cleaning my skin was good. Not so much. Skin wants to elastic. Not oily, but also not excrutiatingly tight. MOISTURIZER is my best friend. Trust me it didn't use to be. I thought the more I cleaned, and purified the skin the better it would be. NO.

"The Sun": No, I don't hide in my house. But I used to think that the sun would "burn-off" bad, infected places. Not so much. My moisturizers have AT LEAST 15 spf. The sun is harmful and damaging. Don't be fooled by the temporary appearance of a healthy glow. I used to get worse breakouts after the "glow" would wear off. And I also noticed that the older I got the less I could tolerate it. And hello...wrinkles?

Well enough of my run-away email :). I have a school bus to catch and a house to clean. For all those who are suffering the daily torment of acned skin my heart goes out to you. Just remember that you are your biggest tormentor - most people don't see the acne on your skin like you do...in fact most never notice it. I used to think that I was the ugliest mommy alive. That fear and shame kept me away from my kids, family and friends. Smile and love yourself. Good luck on your journey and I love hearing about others stories of survival and success! Hugs and kisses! :wub:



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So nice to see and hear from you again momof2boys. No worries about not being back sooner. I'm so glad to hear you are still clear using this regimen. I bumped the thread a little while ago, wanting it to be visible for anyone looking for something new to try. Thank you for sharing your feedback - it can be really great for anyone considering Christine's regimen. :angel:

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Gave this one a shot when the old thread was around. I had good success for a month, and then broke out really bad (on the second week of repairing the damage). Upon doing a bunch of reading on this forum, I've concluded that my problems were probably because of the St. Ives scrub (I was using the sensitive skin version, and my symptoms were very typical of what others had experienced with that product).

Since then, I've decided to change the exfoilant to Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub (ingredients checked out nicely, it includes a bit of SA which may help, and it has microbeads instead of the crushed shell bits).

I've also got the Queen Helene mask, but its not readily available here in Canada so what I ended up with was the same product, only "original formula", so we'll see how that goes.

Now, my only debate is whether or not to use the clearasil wash, or stick with the cetaphil bar. I did enjoy the clearasil wash, but I checked out the ingredients, and it seems to have alot of really clogging ingredients.

Re-started the regimen last night (although I'm still using BP on my nose to get rid of a couple pesky ones) because the results the first time around were so good until it crashed at the end that I really wanted to give it another shot.

I had a couple small whiteheads on my chin, and one cystic pimple. Two of the whiteheads increased in size a bit (although they seem to be on their way out now), and the cystic pimple seems to have just improved a bit.

So wish me luck, and I'll probably be back around in a month or so to give my report.

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So glad to get your reply. :) I also altered the original regime from Christine to work out for me. I'm glad to hear that some of the people who tried the orig. regime and found some of it didn't work for them, that they tried other options or modified it. Well done. I am checking this thread every day or so..so please let us know how it goes for you.

I also had trouble initially with the St. Ives formula. For me, I had to use it only in the shower. If my face was already wet/ and there was plenty of water with the scrub it worked better for me. I tried the sensitive St. Ives and it didn't really work for me. I needed some thing that removed the dead skin but didn't burn or sting. V. important that what I tried didn't do more damage than helped :)

As far as the clearasil wash goes, I also picked up a book that rated cleansers and makeup and this book rated the clearasil wash pretty well. I understand the trepidation with trying something when you are used to another product.

*Just remember: I had to remind myself not to OVER exfoiliate. The skin needs time to repair. Be v. gentle with the exfoiliate product and I didn't exf. the area that was under a huge attack. I actually used only the bp for the bacterial infection, neosporin for any damage I had done trying to extract and I moisturized. V. imp. to moisturize. I found that if I helped the skin stay hydrated it didn't need over generate the natural oils for my skin.

Good luck with the new trial. Please post so we can keep track.

Many blessings!



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