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I have weird food intolerances

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For the past month i've been eating nothing but these foods:







And i was really clear. Just last monday I decided to include:

2 apples.

2 days later, i have 4 white heads on different parts of my face. Is this coincidence or not?

If it's not, then i'm intolerant to one of the healthiest fruits on earth!?

I ate an apple today and I'll see on Friday if some white heads come up again. If there are, then I'll stop eating apples from then on.

Some foods that are thought of aggravating acne but doesn't apply to me:


2.white rice


4.fried foods

weird huh? I read from some threads that 2 days after you eat a certain food is the expected day to get pimples. so... I can't really understand how apples can cause me 4 white heads. help.

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Perhaps it is the Apple's sugar content?

No because bananas have more sugar than apples.

If you just started this healthy lifestyle, it could just be your skin adjusting to it and you may be getting a little inital breakout from that. Stick with the healthy eating and you should be fine :angel:

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thanks for the encouragement Jen. Although I started eating healthy since May. This just the first month I introduced apples to my diet. I can't really understand how apples would cause me white heads. so i'm still experimenting on apples.

another question though, do you guys eat the skin or do you peel it off?


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I'm actually moderately allergic (induces acne, itching, rash) to apples, apple concentrate and strawberries. I am mildly allergic (itchy) to other fruits like bananas, oranges, plums, pears, peaches. I rarely eat fruit. Sometimes I have a reaction and sometimes I don't. Someone suggested it could be the pesticides and not the fruit that I am allergic to. Fruit allergies really aren't all that uncommon.

I'd eat apples with the skin.

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