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The Actress

How to get rid of a mega zit overnight? Ideas?

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So I have this THING on my lip it's from a black head i've had and i recently started trying to get rid of it and i guess i aggrivated it or something, ANYWAYS it's huuuge and scary and uhhhh yeah on my lip! I NEEEED to get rid of it asap, anyone have some sort of remedy for this? I've been smothering it in benzol, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, and uhhhh yeah that's about it so far... oh yes and clindamycin! HELP??? I usually just stay home and get rid of it over a couple of days but i dont' have that time! Please helpppp

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umm i had one this afternoon. the white stuff was like sticking out so i soaked my face in warm water for like a minute then i washed/dried and then i got a little cotton ball and wet it a little and "swirled" it around the pimple, basically exfoliating then when the white thing came off i got a tissue paper and put it over it. after a little while most of the clear fluid gets soaked up into the tissue paper then i put some clyndimabajajacin on it to kill bacteria. i duno this is what i did and it looks better than having a wite thing sticking out! hope i helped. and im sorry bout the runons, spelling mistakes, and anything you might not understand im very tired but i dont want to sleep. :surprised:

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