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acne switching places

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So I have had mild/moderate acne since 10th grade (I am now a senior in high school). I've used antibiotics and tons of topicals, but I decided to stop it all during a month-long trip to India last summer. My skin cleared up incredibly in India. I don't think I got one forehead pimple while I was there. Of course, I broke out at first, but it wasn't that bad. When I came home, I was almost completely clear except for red marks and the occasional small pimple on my cheeks and near my mouth. After a week or two in Los Angeles, however, my skin worsened I started breaking out a little, mostly on the lower half of my face. This may have been because I shaved the beard I grew in India, but I don't know. Currently, my face is 90%-95% clear, but my forehead is the worst its ever been. Its not terrible, but I don't understand why it got bad all of a sudden. Any ideas? Thanks

Note: I also recently grew my beard out again, which seems to help me maintain clear skin in that area. Also, everyone should try going natural, its so much easier, cheaper, and it worked well for me.

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it's like there's a certain amount of acne coming through, you clear up somewhere and it will flair up somewhere else, it's bloody annoying, if my forhead clears up my cheaks go bad, clear cheaks = bad forhead.

as for the origional post, i've experianced simmiler things, i moved out for a while, didn't wash as much as usuall, ate heaps of junk food (no dairy.... though) and was living pretty shit really, but my skin was slightly above average through all this, though i disovered getting drunk makes me break out so bad i don;t drink at all anymore.

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yea it seems my acne over the years atleast, has moved from forehead, temples, cheeks (hit that majorly) then now jawline. jawline and cheeks are horrible right now. w/e as far as red marks. jawline is mainly active, not much cheeks

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