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i'm doing low dose accutane

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just thought i would let you know, that i have been taking a very low dose of accutane for the last 2 months, with great results.

i did a 5.5 month course at 80mg/day, and after 2 months my skin was shit again, i had one box left (60x20mg pills) which i am now taking. i take one 20mg pill every 3-4 days, i'm not too strict.

i have none of side effects that i had with a full dose, except for dry lips, but normal lip balm eradicates that problem entirely. also, cuts heal slowly still. my skin is 95% clear, as it was when taking 80mg/day, however i don't have the hideous flushed, peeling, cracked lip appearance that i had before. i have girls with normal skin saying to me i have such perfect skin (i'm a guy), people that i have just met that have no idea about my 9 years of acne. i do get oily by the end of the day, but gives me nothing much more than a few tiny pimples on my forehead where my hair touches.

i can probably get another 4-5 months out of this box, i hope to taper the dosage down to even less, because i am worried that the derm won't prescribe it again, despite my success. when i saw him last, when my skin started getting bad again, he gave me some topical benz/antibiotic stuff that is useless to treat a body of acne.

my experience has lead me to believe that my acne is diet related, due to my own personal intolerances to things, i am currently testing for. so i'm going to work on that, while i lower the dose. personally i would rather not have to take accutane, but i don't have to tell you how amazing life is compared to my time with acne.

a little incoherent, it's 4am.

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Good to hear. I too am on quite a lot dose; 30mg per day. But a lot of people seem to see results even at this doseage..

The only thing that seemed weird is that i would be given such a low does considering i weigh 190kg. And no, im not fat, i'm just 6foot4 so i weigh more :P

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I'm going to be starting a low dose Accutane course with my new derm in January for 1 year! I am not sure exactly how much I will be taking but I believe it will be low given the length of time of the treatment and the fact that she assured me that the only side effect I would experience would be dry lips. I have fortunately only mild acne - but I have had it a very, very long time - since I was 18 am now 32. Typically in the past I have had excellent results with antibiotics - I must have taken very antibiotic under the sun - however my new derm says that this is not a long term solution and wants me to try accutane. I weigh about 103llbs and am 5 foot 5"so I imagine it will only be a small amount. My only hope is that after a year I am clear of this acne without the need for meds as I want to put acne behind me now.

I had never had of low dose accutane treatments before - as I am not sure it is offered to many people or is available in many countries. My UK derm never mentioned it - only the regular short 3-4 month courses - and my new dermatologist is French however she has also practiced in the US.

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I'm just about to start on a low dose of accutane too.

I'm 21 now and have had mild/moderate acne since I was about 15, maybe earlier (I can't remember). I've been on practically every antibiotic there is, both topical and oral, and nothing has worked. I've even done courses of accutane before - two or three - but they didn't help at all. If anything, my self confidence became even worse: not only did I have acne, but my entire face was dry and peeling. It never made my acne improve.

My dermatologist has now suggested going on a long course of a low(ish) dose. I'm not sure how much yet, I'm finding that out tomorrow. Hopefully this might make the dryness more bearable. I've given up even hoping that my acne will get any better, but it's worth a shot.


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