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Selling/Giving Away Un-used Drugs

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Hey guys,

I'd like to bring this issue to your attention, I've seen some threads offering to sell or give away un-used drugs, I know you mean well and want to help out others but this is the wrong way to go about it -

Seeing as the majority of these drugs require perscriptions from a doctor/dermatologist and require expert guidence in there administration, selling/giving away these drugs could have serious health reprecusions upon the user and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Please, if you need extra drugs go and see your local GP and/or Dermo to get another perscription the correct way.

Also I'll point out (I wasn't aware of this until a few months ago) that you can take un-used drugs back to the chemist/doctors and hand them in, where they can be re-perscribed to patients the right way.

Thanks - Pete

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Guest Craigems

This also goes with the fact of asking members for websites where to buy this drug online. Please accept the fact that if your dermatologist doesnt think you need to go on Accutane then either accept the fact or try again another time. If you are not happy with your derm transfer to a new dermatologist, and try again there.

Again it is very important not to give out information on where to purchase this drug online, or ask for it. It is a potentially a life risk administered inappropriatly, so dont ask for it.

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