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Can I add ice to the regimen?

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I just started this regimen, and am currently on Day 4. I am wondering if doing the ice thing at night (from the acne cure) is a good thing to incorporate into Dan's regimen. I guess I am unsure as to what the point is of icing your face down, but it sounds good. smile.gif

Has anyone followed his regimen pretty strictly, but added the ice thing in the evenings? If so, could you tell a difference in your skin from the ice? I read somewhere that it seemed to help your face heal faster, is that true?

And also, what is the proper way to do the whole ice thing? I haven't read a clear description of that anywhere so far.

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To ice I usually wash my face and then after the rinse I put icecubes on my face until I feel a real cool sensation that I have to take them off. I do this a couple of times then rinse down with a warm water then a cold. It makes my face feel nice and brings down the size of zits and complextions... but not permanetly. Using the regimen, I would wash my face and then ice it right after (no need to dry ice melts anyway...), ice it enough so that you feel a deep cool sensation that you have to take the ice off... do this a few times if you want, and then rinse with warm water then cold again if you want. Wait 15 minutes and then put on bp. I think this would work.

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Hi Joygirl,

The important thing is to follow the regime; it will give you the results you want. Icing your face will have no real effect on your acne. Icing (hypothermia) will only contract blood vessels and will thus make active acne subside somewhat because blood vessels are dialated in areas of inflammation (zits). However, this effect will subside as soon as your skin regains its natural temperature (which wont be long!).

So unless you're planing on icing your face down every hour of the day (which wont stop acne anyway) stick to the regime, simply because it works...

Cheers smile.gif

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i think the icing has more benefits than just reducing inflamation. i personally do not use ice but i do use cold water to wash my face. the reason i do this is because the cold water opens pores. although some people say it doesnt make a difference, if u ask me it would be a lot easier for the bp to get into your pores if they are open, no? the p acnes bacteria is on everyones face. i was reading a study earlier about hwo people w/sever acne and people w/no acne have the same amount of p acnes bacteria on their face. acne is formed not just because of the bacteria, but because the pores get clogged w/sebum and dead skin cells, and then the bacteria grow. therefore the best way to fight acne is to get the bp well into your pores so the p acnes never has a chance to overrun your clogged pores before you wash your face again. Besides, cold water feels better.

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