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cause and effect

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iv read some very outrageous theories about what causes acne on this message board. people are claiming it's diet...no, makeup...no, stress....hormones...not breathing enough....not sleeping enough....etc. etc.

i feel like too much time is spent trying to "figure out" where the acne came from. well i don't think it's that simple.

for example, i eat GREAT, better than anyone i know. salad is my main food group. i meditate. im a pretty peaceful preson. i eat natural things. i try not to put toxic things into/onto my body. i don't touch my face. i use retinol creams and supplements. but does that mean i've stopped breaking out? no...

i think that we should all stop worrying so much about WHY we have acne because it's just going to stress us out. unless you're doing something out of the orinary, like slathering bacon grease on your skin, living at a bus stop, or have a diagnosed hormonal balance, there's no way to tell the exact CAUSE of your acne, as if finding this cause can lead to a surefire cure.

unfortunately, it's more complicated. it's a combination of factors, and that's way many of us are on combination therapy for our skin. really, you could say it's all of th eabove. plus, we're all going to have acne for different reasons and react to our own environments/biochemistry in different ways. that's why not all drugs work for everyone.

most importantly, i think this is important because maybe we'll stop hearing about these BS cures....like sandpapering your face, or throwing urine on it. I mean, come on! There has to be a limit here.

ALot of times people like to think they've got the answer that explains a certain myth. When really there's not evidence at all.

Anyways, there's only one thing I know for sure, and it's this: the only "surefire" cure that hasn't been disproved yet is patience.

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That's what I think is the worst thing about acne: not knowing the cause or maybe more importantly how to cure it.

It seems that for everything else there's always a solution, a fix. Everyone roughly knows what to do in case of a disorder, deficiency, or a broken bone, but acne is still a mystery. You are more than willing to do something about it but you DON'T KNOW WHAT TO FIGHT OR HEAL!

And if you care: currently my acne theory is the following.

Acne is essentially a disorder of sebaceous glands that weren't able to mature at the same pace. While oiliness and other 'mechanical' entities (such as dead cells and dirt) can aggravate the problem they are not the main cause. Notice how traditionally the most oily areas of face (forehead and nose) are usually not acne prone.

Hormones of course play a big part of it all. I don't think that anyone can deny it since acne usually comes with puberty. But it's not the excess or any other disbalance of hormones! Acne sufferers statistically have well balanced hormones. Lowering or increasing androgen hormones wouldn't really impact the amount of oil produced -- it's the complete absence of such hormones or androgen insensitivity that's capable of it. The reason for this is that the glands are very sensitive to the hormones and so that they can be really low and that would still be enough.

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heres my advice:

ask yourself what can i do to get rid of acne?

then proceed to try everything on that list.

unfortunatelly, the things are countless until you find what is right for you

maybe you should try a diet that works for you

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I've pretty much given up on discovering what causes my acne. I realized that I was spending too much time thinking about it and worrying about it. And I wasted my time because I never figured it out. All I know is stress =bad breakouts. Trying and failing to find the cause = stress.

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