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Some Minocycline questions?

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This is my first post so hello to everyone!

My questions are on Minocycline, i got ithis medication today, i haven't started yet. Looking to do 100mg a day.

1. Has anybody stayed clear after completing there stint (3months, 6months)? i know people say acne comes back after you stop taking the drug but has anybody been completly successful and remained clear?

2. Can you drink Alcohol while taking this med ?

3. I hear you can not take zinc & iron at the same time, what does this mean, an hour apart or longer ?

Thanks in advance!

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It works really well whilst on it - was 6 months on Minocin MR.

I keep getting repeat prescriptions, as my acne tends to come back once you finish the antibiotics.

I am now using The Regime, and taking a shit load of B5 - my skin is clearer than it has been for ages!

Let me know if you want any more info.


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acnespi**ingmeoff , whats the deal with mino, do active acne completely stop. How does it affect red scars? Are you on the regimen as well. I was thinking about satrting BP thing but i wanted to see how effective mino was on its own.

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i'm certainly no expert but I believe that Minocin kills the acne bacteria and has a separate "anti-inflammatory" effect. This means it reduces the redness, swelling and tenderness or pimples whether it kills the acne bacteria or not.

Minocin turns dark purple in your body and might show up as a discoloration. This looks like "bruises that don't go away", or dark pigment in acne scars. This will clear up as long as the medication is stopped, but it may take a while (like a year or more). More difficult pigmentation problems occur if you take the maximum dose for a few years. Research has show that the pigment problems can be avoided by taking Vitamin C 500mg twice daily. This prevents the pigment and should be taken if you're on Minocin for more than a few months.

I've stopped taking it now as my body appeared to be developing a tolerance to it.

Now I use The Regime and Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid).

Hope this helps.


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