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Applying for insurance, should i lie about my acne?

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On my insurance application they are asking if i have ever sought treatment from a physician for acne in the last five years, they also want the phone number of my physician, should i give it to them?

3 years ago i applied for insurance and stated on the application i had acne, they refused to cover any costs for 1 year as it fell with their pre-existing condition clause. Idropped that company atfer a year.

now this time around id like to avoid that, alythough with this company their prexisting condition clause states no covergae for any condition treated in the last six months and i havent recieved any treatment for my acne in over a year so i may be ok if i tell them, but im sure the insurance industry has a master file of my previous application from three years ago(if they are smart) so if i try to lie they will most likely find out and deny my coverage all together, what should i do?

got an appt with my old derm for accutane in one month, i want t try to get coverage or else its gonna cost me $1500-2000 I dont want to have to pay all that.

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Shit my post never took, I am in the business, kinda still, and won't rewrite it.

PM me if you like, lying will become a cancellation of your policy. You die from whatever, car accident etc. as long as you lie, you still will not be covered.

Cause you lied..........

Acne does not hamper insurance for my bus. But in Canada. We have it more expensive yes for most things. But acne is not a factoe, maybe if you are on accutane, they wish you to finish your course first???

Dunno, U.S. differnet from Candada.........?????

Sorry can't hlep more, maybe after the office...........I can check out different policies.....for ya??

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If you haven't been to the dermatologist for awhile, I would suggest not saying anything. I was denied insurance because I took accutane almost a year ago and they said I could reapply in two years. Insurance companies don't want you to be a liability. Now, I have pretty crappy insurance. I would suggest waiting for a while to get accutane (I know it sucks), so it doesn't look weird.

Also, I took accutane twice and the second time I ended up with horrible scars. Now, I have to get the scars fixed. Think very carefully before you take accutane.

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