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I don't. My make up has an SPF of 15 and it's all I use. Granted, I don't lay out in the sun, but I haven't had any sunburns or irritation from the sun.

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Guest Tracy


If you're using any products on your face that might cause it to be sun-sensitive, then yes, you'd want to use something under the makeup because the makeup might not be enough protection. I did not use sunscreen under my makeup that had an SPF 15 while using Retin A and it caused alot of hyperpigmentation because I was unprotected especially when the makup rubbed/sweated off, etc. But then again, I live in sunny Southern California and took a trip to Arizona and that certainly doens't help. The sun's a B*TCH in AZ.

There ARE some sunscreens that do not cause you to break out. Eucerin has a moisturizer w/spf in it that blue uses while she's using the mandelic acid. Do a search for the specific name. I'm not sure.

I use a sunscreen that's wonderful and DOES NOT CAUSE ME TO BREAKOUT. You have to either have your pharmacist order it or you can purchase it online. This stuff's amazing. It's called Total Block Clear SPF 65 and it WORKS. They also have another called Total Block COTZ SPF 58. The Clear SPF65 if good if you have light skin. The COTZ SPF58 is good if you have olive skin or yellow undertones because it has a yellowish tinge to it. Either one of these two are really good sunscreens. And they do not go on greasy. Especially the Clear SPF65. It dries to a matte finish.

You may not think that you need that much protection, but like I said previously....if you are using things that will make your skin more sun-sensitive (BP, Retin A, any type of acid product at all) then you should supplement your makeup with an additional sunscreen.

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probably not. seeing as you live in Ontario (I'm in Buffalo), the makeup should be enough. In the summer, if you're going to be out in the sun for hours at a time, you may want to put on more sunblock though, especially depending on how well your makeup lasts throughout the day when you're sweating.

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