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Stubborn breakout

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I have been in this regime for about 2 months now.

I used to have soft whiteheads (bumps) and breakouts. But now it become hard whiteheads (as if the BP actually "dries" the whitehead but does not vanish them) and breakouts. I know my skin is a bit slow when it comes to healing the redness but 2 months is a bit too long, even for me.

I was using 5% BP for half a tube but it was drying me up in about 3 weeks time. So I switched over to 2.5% BP. It didnt cause problem in the past 5 weeks but now my skin starts to show a sign of flakiness and the redness is still there. I'm not really sure whether these are the "remaining" of pimples or pimples.

can anyone suggest anything that can heal these redness?

Ah and by the way, I know for a fact that my face tends to get worse using any products that have salicyc acid in it. And my face doesnt seems to like white tea either. Vitamin Es tends to work in the first 2 weeks before it start encoraging more breakouts.

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It does sound like your face is too dry right now. Overly dry and/or irritated skin can actually make breakouts worse.

Be sure your cleanser is gentle and unmedicated, and be sure you are using a good quality non-comedogenic moisturizer.

If you will list your products, we can review your Regimen.

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