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Taning, will it turn redmarks brown?

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Yep, I had redmarks that turned into brown marks from tanning. I go tanning still I just fold up the towel they give u into 4's so it's really thick and put it over my face. Sun Exposure can also cause more acne.

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Dunno if it makes the spots permanent, but when I was tanning my spots were A LOT less noticeable!

Now I've stopped, coz I don't want to take my chances of my scars to heal naturally to zero. (Tanning destroys collagen, you know.)

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After being on tane for a few months, it left me with red marks on my cheeks, quite a few! I just got back from a two week holidaywhich involved being outdoors at the beach every single day for hours! I was kinda worried cause i didnt plan on using sunblock (thinking it would make me break out from the thick creamy/oily texture) so there i lay everyday on the sand with my face exposed to the sun, covering it every now n then when ifelt it was gettin hot! Within 1 week i had a pretty red face, cause my face is whiter than my body due to hiding under makup and not having much sun exposure. I was so concerned cause i saw the red marks turn reaaally red, they were pretty much sun burnt as well along with the rest of my skin. Within the 2nd week the redness went down and i started looking more tanned .. but my marks never turned brown, no where near brown, in fact theyre lighter and more faded now. Only reason i chose to spend 2 weeks with my nagging parents was because i wanted to take advantage of the beach. The fresh salt water did a good job on my skin and i believe the sun did too - havin a bit of sun is healthy.

In my gallery i have a photo of my face before i left on holiday.... and if u check sometime this week ill have updated pics of what it looks like now.

But yeh, believe me when i say my face was pretty burnt! and im on roaccutane lol norty me but my face is fine. Dont know how ur skin would react to what i just mentioned but just thought id share my experience :)

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