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what is the best brand of kabuki brush???

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i ordered the everyday mineral sample kit but held off on the brush because ive heard it falls apart. i just wanted to know if the joppa or bare minerals brush was better. or maybe sephora??? what do you think?

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The EDM Premium Kabuki is fantastic! It does shed a little initially, but it has a lifetime guarantee. They also just came out with a new everyday kabuki and some smaller kabukis also.

Also, I have not tried Joppa's kabuki brush, but I have one almost identical from Choice Brush, and it is absolutely amazing!

I love both, but the Joppa brush is synthetic, so it might be better if you have overly sensitive skin.

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Joppa brushes are definitely MUCH better than bare escentual's brush. The BE brush sheds and it's scratchy.

You can also get your brushes from choicebrush.com too.

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I agree with Spikeyli about the Bare Minerals brushes they are very scratchy and do shed a lot- once you have tried the Joppa brushes or the EDM premium ones, you will never go back!

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Actually my BE brush irritated my pores and contributed to my breakout. I guess the better way to say it is my skin was already irritated by BM because of the bismuth, and their brush just made matters worse. That and every time I put on makeup using the BE brush, I had to use my pet hair roller to pick up all the shedding on my shirt!

By the way, Shanky, I see you reading this topic, LOL.

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I really like Joppa Minerals - their makeup and their brushes. The brushes don't fall apart like so many other ones. BUT, Joppa has been out of most of thier brushes for a good while. Does anyone know when she is getting more? I went searching for similar brushes last weekend, cause I just can't wait any longer and I found the SAME exact ones at www.aubreynicole.com. I ordered the Kabuki and the Blush Brush and they are awesome. No shedding. I just hope they can keep them in stock. I also ordered some samples too ($1.00 each) and I hope I don't jinx myself, b/c I'm a Joppa fan, but I think I may like this one more. They have very few shade choices (I emailed and they said they are adding more shades) but at $1.00 I thought I could get a couple and see and I really loved them, so I ordered larger sizes this afternoon. And BTW, I ordered my samples on Monday and received them on Thursday, so I was happy with that. The finishing powder and the dust rose blush was awesome compared to my Joppa ones and way better than Everyday Minerals, which I like too (but don't care for their brushes). I also liked that they had lots of other products for acne and rosacea, which is my issue (with some acne scarring). The foundation really covered my redness and scarring better than what I've used before. I also ordered their Rosacea kit, so I'm hoping that will be worth it. I'm really so tired of spending money on my skin and not seeing any improvement.


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