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laura lou

with every new spot i get, i feel one bit uglier

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this is how i feel right now....every time i get a new spot, it makes me feel even uglier than usual! I jus taken off my makeup and ive broken out....AGAIN! its seriously driving me mad. I have absolutely no confidence with the way i look and ive extremely negative body image! I wish acne would stop...i cant take it anymore! :cry:

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do you think it could be from the makeup?

my breakout?

could possibly be caused by the makeup...but i dont wear much at all! I take it off whenever im at home. I think this breakout has been caused by a recent sugar intake i had! lol! I just hope it clears up without scarring coz thats the worst part!

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oh i hate that Laura Lou. Sometimes when i come home from school, and wash my face, and then discovering a pimple is forming, really makes me depressed and think when will this stop? Be strong about it Laura, trust me u will get to where you want. Sometimes we just need to get through times like this. I looked at your gallery, and your a gorgeous girl, dont let acne make you feel down. You are such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Just be strong.

Tash ox

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Aye, I can never get completely clear... well i have so many red marks and scars i wont look clear for a long time, but as soon as one part of my face starts healing i'll get a new breakout somewhere else to ruin it all. It's just so frustrating... it's stupid how some stupid bumps and marks on our skin can make us feel so crap, but they do. :( keep your chin up though, this will all be over with oneday and we won't have to ever look back on these shitty times

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