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Constant, low-grade burning sensation

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has anyone else experienced this? i have almost constant "burning" pain in my acne area, which doesn't seem to change regardless of cleansers, medications, lotions, makeup, or omitting any of the above. my skin is just constantly irritated; the acne irritates it.

as if the acne itself weren't depressing enough, the physical pain of it is really getting to me lately.

i've tried several types of liquid cleansers, including Purpose liquid (recommended by Dan). in the last month or so i've been using Kiss My Face pure olive soap (see my signature below), which does seem to moisturize and is very, very basic.

i have tried using natural exfoliants -- Apple Cider Vinegar, and also the aspirin mask. (though i've stopped exfoliating recently to see if that helps; so far, it hasn't improved).

i've tried lots of kinds of moisturizers, including cetaphil, a few neutrogenas, including their glycolic acid "healthy skin" one, st. ives eye & face stress gel, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, and clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. the other day it was really, really bad and the only thing that relieved the pain was Aquaphor, which has the consistency of vaseline, and is probably the worst thing to put on acne skin. but i was desperate for relief, it was the only thing that helped. i had it on overnight. of course, it broke me out terribly. but it was a badly-needed break from the pain.

basically my skin (just in the acne area; my chin/around the mouth) is just hypersensitive, and constantly irritated. it's extremely oily on the surface, but absolutely parched for moisture at the core. red, often inflamed, and will react to anything (including an absence of products). i have 1-2 new pimples daily. :wall: anyone else with this problem? any suggestions? help is much-appreciated! thanks people...

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I hate to say it, but it sounds like you may have rosacea in addition to acne, or perhaps acne rosacea and not vulgaris at all. Have you seen a dermatologist?

For extremely irritated skin i really think the Purpose line is the best, liquid cleanser and non-SPF moisturizer, not the "redness reducing" type.

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oh my god... i hate to say it, but i think you've just hit the nail on the head!!!! i can't believe this has been going on (well, it was milder before) for all these years and i never even thought of that!! in fact, my mother even has diagnosed rosacea, but i never put the two together. (and i did read tonight that it can be genetic) hers is in her cheeks; mine constant on my chin, and occasional on the cheeks. and she doesn't have acne with hers. but i think you're totally right.

a couple of hours ago the burning pain was really getting to me -- out of the blue, i just googled "rosacea pain" (i've actually never even heard that it can be painful), and lo and behold, i found a bunch of stuff with people describing exactly what i'm going through. i think i have some weird mixture rosea with acne, as you suggested, and the rosacea went unnoticed all this time (as it apparently often does) b/c i was so focused on the acne.

thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. this is huge. now that i'm fairly sure of what i have (i could see a doc to confirm, but either way, i'm pretty damned sure), maybe i can do something about it.

out of curiosity, how did you know? do you also have this?

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This could explain your negative reaction to BP - I think it can really irritate rosacea. Figuring out if you have acne or rosacea (or both) would help you out a lot in determining what skin care products to use. I'd definitely say go see a derm to confirm the diagnosis.

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out of curiosity, how did you know? do you also have this?

I've looked into it because i have some persistent redness after Accutane and am wondering if it might be rosacea, but am really not sure because my reaction is nowhere near as extreme as the descriptions i've read, but your's sounded a lot like those descriptions.

I'm not a doctor, so please see your derm for a real diagnosis. Pretty sure there isn't much in the way of OTC rosacea treatment, so you should get some prescriptions if the derm thinks that's what it is.

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maybe try some all-natural lotions ???? hmmm, i use an extemly gentle

peel with grapeseed extracts( i cant rcommend much else since my skin isnt sensitive)

~best of luck~

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