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The thread about BP being bad for your skin

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Anything that "oxidizes" or releases an oxygen molecule into a substance creates damage. No matter what it is-oxidization on metal creates rust. Oxidation on skin creates aging.

I took this form paula Begoun's book: Take paint for example. In an air-tight and light-free container it stays liquid. When you put it on a wall, and it is exposed to oxygen, it hardens. Why? The hardening occurs when an O2 molecule interacts with the paint and becomes unstable, losing one of its electrons. In searching for another electron, it takes one form the paint. This happens trillions of times until there are none left and the paint dries. Basically, free-radical damage.

What triggers a molecule to let go of one of its electrons, generating fre-radical damage? The answer is the presenc eof O2, or any compound that contains an O2 molecule, such as Carbon Monoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide.

So what about BENZOYL PEROXIDE?? Is this creating free-radical damge on our skin too?

What the hell? I think there must be something weird here, b/c she goes on to advocate the use of BP...and she sells it. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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When I was reading through some stuff the other day, and I'm sorry - I can't remember if it was in a post or in the CSR introduction/instructions, I read that when bp comes into contact with the skin it converts into benzoic acid. What the difference is between benzoyl peroxide and benzoic acid I'm not sure since I'm no chemist, but this leads me to believe that the reason that bp is not as harmful as some would like us to believe lies somewhere in this chemical alteration.

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Yes, you are right. BP creates free-radicals on the skin, because it has an oxide formula. So does the sun - that's why BP and sun promote aging.

I'm no medical professional to talk about free-radicals, but BP just doesn't create enough of them to really make an impact on your skin.

Perhaps 50 years of using BP could somewhat damage your skin (not even sure about that), but any less doesn't really affect you.

I believe skin type also is a variable to be counted on, while debating on this subject.

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If you swam in it daily, then there'd be issues. Else it won't really hurt you - and if you're really concerned about it then after you deal with your acne you can always put a lotion with anti-oxidants on, even though it wouldn't do much =P

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