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tweaked the regimen -works 4 me

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I added a few things to the regimen.

I added a scrub and a kind of mask and vinegar.

The regimen helped but I never got 100% clear with just it. I would notice that my dead skin was not coming off on its own so that is basically the reason I added what I did.

The scrub is cornmeal that works great. I tried baking soda (crap hurt with the lightest touch). If I notice dead skin build up (usually once a week) while showering I start by applying my cleanser to my face and then I just put some cornmeal in my hand and lightly rub onto skin. Rinse when you think you've rubbed enough. Dab face dry then apply with a cotton ball distilled apple cidar vinegar (personally don't need to dilute it but you may need to). Wait for it to dry then apply the s**tload of bp. Let dry. Then my face lotion. I also use this mask which is just unflavored Milk of Magnesia. Apply it with a cotton ball or like a clean make up brush after you dry ur skin from washing it. Let it dry then rinse off with cool water, then the usual products u use. I personally use this every other day and my skin hasn't broken out at all and it's been about a month or two. I love this crap! It makes my skin feel smooth as a babies a$$. My sister who isn't on the regimen cause god blessed her and she only gets the occasional boo boo on her face. Works for her also. I got the cornmeal and milk of magnesia info off a natural beauty book. If any questions feel free to ask.

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