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Which is better? Salicylic Acid or BP products?

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Well, don't ever use the two together. Chemical Burn. I personally HATE SA. It's very irritating and doesn't do anything. BP works great in my opinion. It's irritating for a while, but then it's all good.

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chemical burn? maybe to someone with like weak skin or something. i use both of them together, twice a day and it doesn't burn in the least.

maybe if you're not used to either BP or SA and you try to use them both at the same time you might get redness and irritation, but if your skin is already accustomed to one or the other it shouldn't be a problem. at most it's a bit of dryness for most people.

besides, using both is more effective than using either one alone.

also, which one will work better depends on the reason for your acne. if your acne is caused by P. acnes bacteria growth, then BP will work best. if your acne is caused by improper exfoliation and clogged pores, then SA is the best. for most people it's both problems together, which is why using both makes the most sense.

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I use both, but my Continous Control with the PB in it is the cream cleanser. I like that better, feels soo good when you wash your face, kind of like Noxema. Somehow the salycic acid (use first) clearing scrub and the PB Cream Cleanser work wonders together. Try it, and if you are worried about dryness, just use once a day. I also use C&C Shine Free Oil Free moisturizer after the cleansers in the morning, love them! O:)

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I use both of them at once and they're keeping my complexion clear day after day...but if your skin is sensitive, it would probably be wise to find a gentler combo(?)

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If you want to compare, BP is definitely better, no way SA alone/itself can compare to how effective BP is. But if your skin can take it(like mine, after slathering all sorts of drying/irritating products for like 6 years), then why not try the combination of SA and BP together? It think together, they will work even better.

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Guest fatman_uk

A cleanser with SA used along with a BP cream/gel is OK... but using a SA moisturiser or any other SA topical that you leave on gave me nothing but BURNS like Mercer said.

Many ppl also said they had the same happen. But if your skin in tough enough to take it, then good luck.


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