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Introducing (I think) a newish GREAT make-up line

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Some of you may have tried this, but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere...

Cover Fx

Here's a quote from their site:

"Since 1985 Lee Graff, a corrective makeup specialist at the CosMedic Clinic at Toronto's Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre, has worked with thousands of patients with various types of skin conditions. By helping them to normalize their appearance with the use of corrective cosmetics, Lee has helped these patients cope more effectively with their condition and face the world with confidence.

Finding the right products for her clients, however, proved to be a frustrating ordeal for Lee. Clients with sensitive skin, such as those with rosacea, acne psoriasis and eczema, or other skin disorders, could not tolerate the existing products and Lee found that she often had to mix two or three shades together to get a natural-looking effect, something that patients would be unable or unwilling to do outside the clinic. "Many of the products available also looked thick, cakey and unnatural, creating a mask-like effect that was as visually distracting as the actual skin condition," says Lee."

"Initially, COVER FX was available only through the outpatient pharmacy in Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre. But, with patients coming to the CosMedic Clinic from all over the province, there was a need to make COVER FX more commercially available. And, as Lee was called upon to train corrective makeup specialists in clinics across the country, the demand for COVER FX products grew nationally."

"From the little lab in Sunnybrook to retail outlets across Canada and the U.S., COVER FX has grown into a line of foundations, powders, bronzers and application tools that offer those with or without a skin condition a naturally flawless looking complexion. While COVER FX was initially developed to help mask skin disorders, these superior-quality cosmetics can help everyone achieve a smooth, even skin tone and look their absolute best."

"Patients of virtually any ethnicity were able to find their perfect match with a single shade."

So yeah, I bought the foundation (liquid powder compact) and a bronzer and have been very happy with it. It is a thicker make up, but doesn't feel thick once applied. I would recommend finding a distributor near you and ask the cosmetician to do you up! That's what I did and really liked the results.

The website lists stores where it is sold.

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haha, i made a post about this last week.

i didnt buy their foundation because im quite happy with the one ive been using, but i got their bronzer and 2 brushes. i like it .its a good color for me that you can tell is something but it isnt over the top. the brushes are nice as well.

i think most nordstroms have them or will be getting the line soon.

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I live in Canada so the prices for just foundation is about $48-$60CDN. Apparently I see them on sale at some drugstores for $35CDN. You only get the foundation which is in a compact. I think it's pressed powder. The brushes look really good tho, but a hefty price tag!!

You can get a 6pc Starter Kit from Everyday Minerals or a 5pc kit from Joppa Minerals just under that price and that even includes shipping!!!

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