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Spironolactone users or those interested...

Hey all

I just figured I"d post about my first three weeks on Spironolactone, for anyone who is interested...I'm currently taking 50 mg....( one 25 mg twice a day, with food)

WEEK ONE: first couple of days, I didn't really feel much...then, after the first week, I was definitely feeling lethargic, dry mouth, almost flu-like, and had NO APPETITE WHATSOEVER... Not a sick type of non-appetite, more like a "food? what's that?" kind of non-appetite...It also took away my thirst mechanism somewhat so I had to force myself to eat AND drink....a very mild reduction in oil, but that could also be contributed to cooler weather and lower humidity

WEEK TWO: Continued fatigue, NO appetite, still feeling a bit "achey", especially in my neck...I ovulated and expected a zit, felt one coming up near the corner of my mouth, but it never really flared....lips kind of flakey

WEEK THREE: skin feels markedly smoother, especially on my chest and back which, while I dont really get "acne", I get these little bumps....my back and chest are COMPLETELY smooth!!! Body skin feels dryer ( again, humidity is lower too so...unsure at this point...) Face feels less oily, but the oil that does come almost feels "sticky"...? Hard to tell if it's just that I"m used to and "oil slick" by 10 a.m.

Face has been somewhat flaky in spots...stopped using topicals besides Avage every other night or so....Have to use lots of Olay sensitive skin lotion when I wash it...The bump under my bottom lip/corner of my mouth has just kind of stayed put, but hasn't flared, seems to be shrinking somewhat, never got red...

face is a tad bit red, I think from the dryness due to reduced oil...

Appetite is starting to return....but my sex drive has seemed to diminish slightly....but that may also be because I still feel tired....

But, NO NEW BUMPS so far....skin feels really smooth and my hair feels FABULOUS!!

I'll continue my "report" periodically...

OH, and FYI...I am 42, have had hormonal cysts on chin for last 10 years that have been resisitant to other treatments...oily skin with very few lines...pretty good hair...not overly thick, but nice, healthy, shiny..

An addition to my above post: sadly, the pimple under my lip/upper chin has come up afterall.... :cry: I thought I had escaped it, but it wasn't to be....it's a cyst....so, the jury is still out on whether the spiro will keep these hormonal cysts at bay..I"m due to start my period in about 10 days so we'll see...I AM SO FRUSTRATED!! but I guess I need to be patient, it's only been a little over 3 weeks....

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