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Moisturizer slows down skin renewal?

Can a moisturizer actually slow down the skin renewal process? Since your putting on a topical that soothes and moisturizes dead skin, can it slow down the skin renewal process by not letting the dead surface skin flake off and leave the surface? :think:

Is Bryan actually right in that moisturizers actually "mask" the problem?

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Some moisturizers and oils can penetrate the skin, others stay on the surface.

The ones that stay on the surface actually help your body to retain it's own moisture, because no moisture is lost to the wind. I had dry skin on my leg, in the end I actually used a big plaster and that cured the problem because my leg began moisturizing itself again and stopped me itching the dead skin off.

Other oils penetrate and are absorbed by your body. So they depend on the oil as to how they work.

Acne treatments often work by helping you to shed unwanted dead skin cells, whereas moisturizers work by helping you to keep skin cells.

I wouldn't say moisturizers mask the problem or slow down the skin renewal process (they perhaps thicken the skin and perhaps even clog it), but they certainly don't help acne.

If you use Retin A, glycolic or salcylic acid, which help you shed skin cells you'll notice that they thin the skin. Whether the skin renews itself any quicker, your guess is as good as mine.

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