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Will the derm give me accutane?

im 18 and a half.

i took minocin for 7 months when i was 16

then metrogel for 2 months after that

then stievamycin for 4 months after the metrogel

and my acne has only gotten worse. Before i took the minocin i would get maybe 5 pimples a week, and they were small ones.

now i am getting about 2 every day and they are the painful kind that are raised and really red. however a moisturizer that i bought is helping me clear up slowly, but i have to put alot of it on and its really thick and gooey. im going to uni in january and i dont want to have to worry about putting on a thick layer of my moisturizer every night and then walking down to the bathroom in the morning while its still caked on my face to wash it off.

And do i need to get a referal from my doctor to see a dermatologist or can i just call an office and book an appointment?

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I know that I can book an appointment without a referral, and insurance covers it as long as the dermatologist is on my plan - though it's a "specialist" fee, a bit more than the general practitioner fee. I do remember calling one derm whose office wouldn't book anyone without a referral, so I guess it depends on the practice. You can look up derms to see if they're on an insurance plan on your insurance company's website. Sometimes it's nice to get a referral, though, because sometimes doctors have derms that they work with a lot and trust their patients to.

Gah! I just noticed that you're from Canada. I have no idea, in that case. :( Sorry!

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