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which area you are scared/having acne

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hi all,

i will tell where i got acne through all those years. It started on my forehead, and the rest of my face was clear. The acne wasnt very severe, but i wasnt used to it so i cared a lot about it. Then my peak in acne came, and my cheeks were very badly covered with whiteheads, pimpels, whatever, for maybe 1 year. But only the part of the cheek around the nose. My forehead was almost clear and so was my jawline. Now my cheeks around my nose are clear, but my jawline and the place next to my eyes ( dont know the english name) is also affected, and my forehead too. but i dont have whiteheads andymore (phew biggrin.gif )

Strangly my nose was clear almost everytime, i have blackheads there (douzens of them sad.gif ) but no pimpels or whiteheads. My scarring is concentrated mostly on my forehead and the cheeks.

Also my back and chest have a bit of acne. Especially my back but i dont really worry about that. Sometimes it is a bit painfull but at least no one can see it and strangely i dont have scarring there at all (wish my face had that kind of skin ](*,) )

where you have acne and scars?? i look forward to hear your stories biggrin.gif

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