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Help with a puffy cyst please.

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I got a cyst at the end of my jaw bone on the right side. It is puffy, and when I touch it I can feel what seems to be pus. I have never gotten a soft cyst before, all of mine have been hard. (not to metion I have a bunch of normal, hard ones right now) sad.gif It is kinda painful. I really don't want to have to pop it as that would make it look alot worse. All though one thing I REALLY like about my skin is that I almost never scar. biggrin.gif/ It is quite big. About as big as the top of my smallest finger. (3rd joint) It is easily the worst looking zit I have, and I have had it for about 2 week aprox, but not exactly sure. I dont know if I should treat it like any other cyst, just keep on doing the regimen and it will fade, or something else. Yea, it kinda hurts...

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yea, whatever you do, DONT POP IT! i can't even begin to stress this enough because i tried to squeeze mine and all that came out was clear liquid.. the next day, i was washing my face and the skin fell off it and clear liquid was oozing from my face for literally 2 days. yea, i missed school because of it. *sigh* it's now friday, and i've had it messed up since monday.. hopefully it is healed by this monday:(

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good news, it seems like it is drying up on the outside, and reducing swelling on the inside. The two things I love about my skin is that I heal very fast, and I have yet to see any scars, and I have a little worse the moderate acne! Yea, thats what I thought Ill leave it alone

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