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Im going to start using ACV

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Step 1. Im going to wash my face with Dan's facewash which i think works really well...

Step 2. Apply ACV to my cheeks to start with to see whether it works, ACV 1 - 2 Water... might up the dose if it works...

Step 3. Wait like 10mins for the ACV to soak into my skin and then i'll apply my bp.


How long does the smell last and does it go away...? I dont want people are work asking what that smell is or anything!

Can you drink it with a smoothie or something? Does it do anything good for me that way?

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The smell goes away as soon as it's dry. The only time I ever noticed it again is when it was really hot and my face got sweaty. It wasn't too obnoxious tho. Don't have a clue about drinking it. Sorry

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i dont know about drinking acv... never heard of that before.

as far as your regimen, that looks fine. thats about same thing ive been doing and ive seen drastic red mark/skin tone improvement in last month. as far as the smell goes... just like the other person said. the smell goes away after it dries. i wouldnt suggest doing strenuous exercise right after you put it on or it might smell a little.

i usually go to the gym in the middle of the day (5-6 hours after putting acv on) and sweat like crazy and dont smell a thing. and, as long as you are using 50/50, the smell shouldnt be that strong to begin with.

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Yep u can drink it it's very helthy thing to do that, however i donno how much to drink and how to prepare it for drinking, cause I never did, but as soon as I find aout Ill let u know

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