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Erbuim lser Dr. help!!!!!!!

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I think fraxel is junk. It seems to help rollings scars better than like icepicks or large pores.

Like very bad skin.

My Dr. here says it won't help my very few shallow scars. Yes they bother me as there are on my cheeks.

It was a piss ass appt. today. Now my Plastics guy does not wan't to do another erbium on me and like I am totally white skinned! I Will not lose pigment, I blush still and all. Nothing is wrong. Screw him.

Makes no fucken sence. ALL I need now is 1 lighter Erbium. Fixed. Done. But something more than 35 microns deep, like double that, and it is still not too deep! And just on certain areas, then blend in lightly so I am just well "blended".

Most of the people here Prof derms or Dr's ave given up their lasers. Like a city of over a million, they are going for the boomers who want less down time and mostly for wrinkles.

Well I don't have wrinkles, so I am out of it.

I am contacting Plastics guys from other cities who love the laser.

Now in like a popuation of like a million and a half I have to go elsewhere. Like out of provence or the states.

I am just so pissed! Noone wants to touch my skin, we'll they don't have the correct laser, and second my one guy does not wish me too have a 3rd treatment. (Erbium combined with a light C02.).

We'll I will travel and do searches and send pics, but maybe some closer I can make a long weekend out of it.

Thank you,

I got some of it off my chest.

The docs are so "phat" from other sutff here, they have given up on acne scarring.

Again screw them!!!!!!!

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