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Guest ThereIsHope

I finally got prescribed tane guys! WOOT! I am sooooo happy! This is way better than christmas any old day!

Sooo he's starting me out on 40mg, does that sound good? Seems rather high to me to start out on since im so tiny (100lbs) but I trust the derm, he's one of the best in houston and very experienced with accutane.

I'm just worried about the IB though, I asked him about it and he said mine shouldn't be too bad at all. I even asked about the antibiotics I could take while on tane but he said I really didnt need them and he said he doesn't think they do too much to help anyway. I plan on continuing my B5 until I get on tane, and will lower my doses every week on tane until I start clearing up. Does that sound okay? I've been on 10g of B5 for ALMOST 2 months now, its done a little to help reduce oil but acne wise, not so much. I've heard it can take up to 3 months to start working so I'll just continue, no reason to stop while so far into it.....

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Congratulations and good luck with Tane. I'll be starting my 7th month of Tane in a few days. This is my final month.

Like you, I only weigh 100lbs. My derm started me on 40 mg's daily and that's been my entire course; 40 mg's daily for 7 months. My acne wasn't severe. It was very mild to moderate at times. But it was also the excessive oil that made my complexion look terrible.

The very good news is that I haven't had one breakout for the past three to four months. My oil is no more. I feel super normal again. I haven't felt this way in years. I wish I would have gone this route years ago. Everyone reacts to this medicine differently. I noticed a difference in a matter of a few weeks. It was mainly my oil reduction. Some will see improvement very early on in the treatment and will continue to improve and some won't notice much of a difference until later on in the treatment, maybe not even until it's about time to wrap it up. But in all, stay strong. This medicine will clear you up beautifully. Just keep at it. You'll love it. :)

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